Janet Jackson Sexy Fur Designs Could Even Convert Animal Activists


janet jacksonI've gotta hand it to Janet Jackson. The woman has balls. Currently, the pop star is featured in a sexy new campaign -- for fur. And she's not just starring in the ads, she's actually teamed up with the company Blackglama to launch the line. A celebrity promoting -- and designing -- fur coats? Bold. 

Now, as an animal lover -- and a relatively poor person -- I'm against wearing fur. I'm not one of those PETA crazies, but I do find the practice of skinning an innocent animal for the sake of fashion cruel. But I've gotta admit, Janet does make fur look pretty tempting ...

First of all, it's Janet. The incredibly beautiful, incredibly cool Miss Jackson if you're nasty. The way she's posing in the mink is a far cry from the old school, stuffy, stodgy, Cruella De Vil-esque association we're used to having with fur. She's actually making it look kind of bad ass. I mean, check her out. She's just like, "Yeah, I'm giving you a sly smile while wearing fur. What?"

And then there's the fact that she's brazen enough to launch a fur line. Although the world of celebrities is totally obsessed with fashion and physical appearance, they're also obsessed with image. And in today's P.C. world, launching a fur line probably isn't good for one's image. Oh, PETA, I can only imagine what you're concocting.

So, perhaps then, because of the fierce sexiness of the ad, and because of Janet's general bad-assery, fur sales will see a slight upturn. Maybe Janet is going to make wearing fur "cool" again. I can't remember the last time anything pro-fur had a celebrity endorsement. This could be just the thing it needed. And I can't possibly imagine anyone doing a better job than Janet. Those ads!

Whatever happens with the fur industry, though, I won't be buyin' it. I don't have many guns I stick to in life, but that's one of them. It just seems kinda wrong. To me.

Janet did made me think twice, though. Damn!

Are you against fur? Do you think Janet looks fierce in these ads?


Image via Blackglama

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nonmember avatar Bunny

I think she'd look better without the fur.

cocob... cocobeannns

^ Agree. There's nothing sexy about wearing an animals skin. She'd look better in her own.

Magno... MagnoliaQueen

I will never buy a real fur, there are too many alternatives that look real to ever support the fur industry. I do have my grandmother's mink coat that she gave to me when I passed. I have never and will never wear it. I'm thinking of having it made into teddy bears for my girls. I just am too against real fur to wear it.

nonmember avatar Nicole

For the ladies who said they wouldn't wear fur and / or animal rights, what is your stance on lesther? (Belts, handbags, gloves, auto upholstery, home furniture, shoes...)

Stacey. Stacey.

I have seen a video of an animals skin being ripped off while alive, screaming, and trying to blink afterwards w/ no eyelids. It will forever be burned into my mind and I would never wear fur or support anyone who does. Janet does look good, but she'd look way better w/o a dead animals shell wrapped around her.

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

"I've gotta hand it to Janet Jackson. The woman has balls."

She looks like she'd have balls.

nonmember avatar mfls

There's not actually anything wrong with wearing fur if we also eat the animal. If you kill an animal just for fur and waste the rest, then it's wrong, sure, but if we kill animals for their meat, lets use the fur as well.

nonmember avatar mfls

Instead of freaking out over fur just because there were inhumane ways of getting it, freak out over the methods.

cocob... cocobeannns


No leather in my automobile. No leather furniture. My purse is faux leather, as are my shoes. No leather belts, or gloves. Any other questions?

xanth... xanthian41691

Oh come on! Seriously? This is ridiculous. Not the ad, not the fur line, but the fact that people are appaled by it! What do you think people did before we discovered how to make cotton and such? WE WORE ANIMALS!! =O Omg!! How awful! -_- It seems people like to forget stuff like that. And yeah now we have these clothes and aren't required to wear animals to keep warm but it still looks nice!

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