Pippa Middleton's Bridesmaid Dress Is For Sale & You Can Afford It


pippa middletonHey, remember that whole royal wedding business thing that took place this past April? Remember how, for the first time in ages, a commoner (Kate Middleton) became royalty (Duchess Catherine)? And remember how her smokin' hot sister (Pippa) practically stole the show in her slinky, curve-hugging Sarah Burton bridesmaid dress? Well, now your bridesmaid can steal the show also, 'cause that dress is on sale for $3,100!

Pippa Middleton's show-stopping gown -- not the actual gown she wore, but the dress -- is currently being sold on the retail site Net-a-Porter. The only difference is Pippa's dress had buttons up the back; this has a zipper.

No doubt, the dress is stunning and would totally add the perfect touch of class to any wedding, but ... why on Earth would you want your bridesmaid wearing a dress that's pretty much guaranteed to get more attention than you?

Now, I'm all about the bridesmaids looking good -- legitimately good -- at weddings. None of that poofy, crinkly, unflattering crap. But, the bride still should be the center of attention, right? No one should outshine her.

But what if you love that bridesmaid dress with all your heart? What if you fell in lust with it as soon as you laid eyes on it? Here's an idea: Wear it as a wedding dress! Oh, yes, a wedding dress.

It's white, it's long, it's fancy -- it'll definitely garner attention -- so, why not? You'll be giving new life, and new meaning, to the dress that was seen around the world. It's the perfect thing to wear if your wedding is on the more casual side. Think beach, outdoors, barn. And you could style it differently, as well. No need to replicate Pippa's half-up/half-down curled hairdo. The dress would look amazing with long, loose, wild curls, maybe even a braid tucked away somewhere in there.

When I first heard that Pippa's gown was for sale, immediately I thought about how it was a terrible idea. But with a little creativity, this dress is actually a fabulous idea. Of course, only if it's for the bride.

Would you wear Pippa's dress as a wedding dress?


Image via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty


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Stacey. Stacey.

I would like it if it had the buttons which make it feel classic. A zipper seems kind of...cheap?

Rachel Schiller

I'd buy it if I had a smokin' bod like Pippa Middleton. But I would rather have the buttons.

clg1213 clg1213

i'm not a royal-watcher but when i first saw it i totally said it would be a great wedding dress!

Bmat Bmat

With a great figure like hers, and with buttons, it would be a lovely wedding dress.

bether89 bether89

I think it would make a beautiful wedding dress.

elasmimi elasmimi

I sure would, if I had her body.

mille... millerbunch

 it's pretty.. but in all reality, i wouldn't..not my style..

and yes she's pretty, but i do not know why people were all over it and thought she stole the show..

momka... momkaribg

Not my style.

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