Treat Yourself to 'The World's Most Expensive Blow-Dry'

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HarrodsGot $500 and no place to spend it?

Why not head over the pond to the Urban Retreat Spa at Harrods in London, and treat yourself to a diamond, meteor dust, and truffle hair treatment?

Billed by Harrods as "the world's most expensive blow-dry" for 320 pounds (that's just over $500), Harrods will lather up your tresses with exclusive Truffle by Fuente shampoo, which contains the aforementioned rare ingredients.

You'll also get a hot stone cranial massage and a signature Harrods blow-dry after you've been shampooed and conditioned.

Ooooh. La. La.

How can you resist this amazing bargain?!

I mean seriously, girls. If you were to buy this shampoo alone, it would cost you $430 -- stone massage and professional blow-dry NOT INCLUDED.

Harrods really is giving you an incredible deal.

Why's the shampoo so expensive? Well, here's an explanation from the Fuente website:

The organic ingredients in this revolutionary shampoo include the skin of white truffle, pure diamond dust, and meteorite dust from space. This combination exhibits an individual response to each specific type of hair, resulting in an intelligent shampoo that restores every type of hair to top condition.

Amazing, isn't it?

Meteorite dust is good for your hair! WHO KNEW?

Harrods promises that after your shampoo, "professional stylist Flavian will tease, twirl, and boost your roots for a glamorous blowout that’ll leave your hair looking silken, shining with health, and feeling light as air -- just like our favourite red carpet starlets."


It sounds like it's been directly lifted from the pages of The Hunger Games, don't you think?



Image via Fuente

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nonmember avatar Katherine

I'll save the $500 and boost my own roots, thanks!!

mommy... mommythree0508

Yeah... I'll settle for pantene and my own hair dryer...

Peajewel Peajewel

My hair would have to look perfect for a very long time, without washing or brushing or anything.  For a very long time.  =)

Marsh... MarshaCWP

Just because ingredients are expensive doesn't mean they do anything for your hair.  I think it's probably just a good shampoo formula with a microscopic touch of the rich stuff.

Krist... KristinRox

No thanks. I can think of a million things that 500 dollars would be better spent on. Even if I had millions I wouldnt waste my money.

JHanc968 JHanc968

Yeah right!

Anne Sambora Ginsberg

Are you kidding me?!  If I had an extra $500 to spend it sure as heck wouldn't be on a blow-dry that would last about one day!  Fuhgeddaboutit!


Bmat Bmat

I'll pass.

Chari... Charizma77

Oh to be rich for just one day ;)

Jeric... Jerichos_Mommy

Maybe when I win the lottery.

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