Justin Bieber Looked Like a Woman at the AMAs

justin bieber & selena gomezThe American Music Awards were Sunday night, and the nation's biggest stars were on hand to strut their stuff on the red carpet, accept close to meaningless trophies, and promote the crap out of their endorsement deals. I mean, did you see how many Fiats J. Lo crammed on stage during her performance? But I digress. All we really care about is the fashion, right? So! I thought the sartorial selections of the stars last night were a little bit predictable. Selena Gomez went old Hollywood glam (obvs), Taylor Swift wore a safe, floor-length glitter gown (double obvs), and Katy Perry dressed like a cupcake (triple obvs). However, there was one person on the rain-soaked red carpet whose out-of-the box style caught my eye. Mr. Justin Bieber was making heads turn. But ... not in a good way.


With greased-up, side-parted Don Draper hair, Bieber looked like he saw an episode of Mad Men and thought, Hey! Me wanna play dress-up too and style myself like a man! Except the whole thing backfired. He looked like a young girl dressed in her dad's tuxedo. His feminine features were accentuated by his hairstyle and ill-fitting suit. And what is up with that bow-tie? Shouldn't it be under the collar, not over it? I hate to say it but Justin Bieber was by far and away the worst dressed of the night. And that's saying something. Christina Aguilera was there in an excruciatingly tight silver bandage dress.

Justin's girlfriend Selena looked gorgeous on his arm in a gold metallic Giorgio Armani dress -- it's too bad Justin stole her spotlight a little with his hideous outfit. I wonder if Selena was mad. She doesn't look too pleased in the photo.

Beside Bieber's miss, there really weren't that many other notable red carpet looks to come out of the AMAs. It was all glitter and expected; everyone dressed like themselves. That's not to say it's a bad thing, but usually there's a stand-out or two.

But this year the only stand-out was Justin Bieber's horrible, horrible tuxedo with the gelled hair to match. He was trying too hard, and it showed.

Do you think Justin Bieber was the worst dressed at the AMAs?


Photo via Jason Merritt/Getty

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