25 Ways to Tie a Scarf & I Tried Them All

I am a scarf fanatic. I think they add panache to almost any outfit. Throw on a boring old black T-shirt and jeans and you look kind of blah, but if you add a scarf, you're suddenly chic. Still, I am not a great artist in terms of tying the scarves, so when I saw there was a video on "25 Ways to Tie a Scarf" kicking around YouTube, I was all about it.

The video, while great and informative, was short (4.5 minutes), so it was hard to follow really closely. In that spirit, my sister and I, both of whom are abysmal at following any sort of directions -- seriously, NEVER give me a map if you want to get anywhere in under two hours and don't want to hear screaming and crying (from me, not my kids) -- we tried all 25.

Now, because my sister and I are a little, um, slow in the directions department, we called in my engineer hubby to get some help. So, yes. We tried all 25. Below you will find the video and all five of our favorite tying techniques:


We went in order with our little experiment and started easy. The first one we really liked was this one called The Double Rainbow, which is two scarves tied together for both an extra warm neck and the added bonus of a little bit of unique style. Here it is on my sister, Mariel Brown:

Our next favorite was another classic and a pretty easy one, to boot. It's called The Basic Loop. Here it is on me:

The next one was also simple. It's called The Wrap. Here it is on my sister:

Soon after, things got complicated and we called in the engineer:

Our next favorite was The Fake Knot. This one might not be the best on a girl with larger breasts because it hits and then sort of juts out and falls again. But with a skinnier scarf, it will work and in the photo it looks really good. See below:

Finally, we have The Braid, which was my favorite by far and the one I keep on using since we learned it. Here it is:

Of course, they weren't all good. The Waterfall was simply awful and I would never wear it (at least not with the scarf I was using). Here it is:

Do you think the video is helpful?


Image via YouTube

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