'Elle' Thinks Kim Kardashian Isn't Good Enough for Cover


kim kardashianJoe Zee, Elle magazine's creative director who shot onto our radar when we saw him on The City, has some strong words for our dear Kim Kardashian. He told The Huffington Post that Kim won't be on the cover of his magazine any time soon because she's not "newsworthy." He goes on to say that if she "actually did something," he might be interested in her, but until then, we should not plan on seeing the recent divorcee grace the front page of Elle anytime soon.

Here are Mr. Zee's exact, biting words:

Listen, Kim [Kardashian] is a big cover star out there and if Kim had something going on in her life right now -- Kim's very quiet -- I just wish that she would do something, but she's not doing anything. If she actually did something, we would actually think about Kim for the cover. It's about new. It's not about, so much, a reality star. The idea is, are they newsworthy? Is it someone our readers want to read about?

Mr. Zee and I will have to agree to disagree. It's not like we need another Kardashian on a cover of another magazine -- that's not the point. What I take issue with here is the fact that Joe's not seeing the forest through the trees. His magazine is in charge of making the fashion and lifestyle news. Instead of whining about how Kim isn't newsworthy and not a valuable cover girl, make her one. Why not sign her up for the March issue and work for three months on writing the best damn Kim Kardashian expose there ever was.

Because fact is that Kim is newsworthy and she is doing something. A lot of things, actually. Like being the face of the nation's biggest reality family, working on clothing lines, writing books, and getting divorced. I'd love it if someone could get her to open up and be honest about what it's really like being her. What she feels about the divorce backlash and how she honestly thought that marrying Kris was a good idea in the first place. I want some answers. Some real answers.

And if Elle magazine was able to get that interview, maybe they wouldn't have to sound so "over" Kim. Put her on the cover and promise me some new info, real info about her on the inside and I'd buy a copy, and I don't think I'm the only one.

Would you be interested in a Kim Kardashian cover story on Elle?


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jalaz77 jalaz77

I love Joe Zee and he is so right! He nailed it on the head, this girl isn't anything special, really....

Stacey. Stacey.

No. She isnt doing anything.

All she does is put her name on things, it doesnt mean she is actually the one coming up with this $hit, or putting any real kind of work into it. She couldnt even "work" at her marriage. If you won't work for lvoe, what will you work for? Apparently all she will work for is more $$$. Thats not fashionable or an admirable lifestyle.

 It's not this guys job to make someone newsworthy.

Stacey. Stacey.


Stacey. Stacey.

Also, LOL at how much makeup is caked on in that photo, it looks like she should be in a casket.

alika... alikay1986

She needs to go away! She and her family epitomize everything that is wrong with our society. 


Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

^^^I agree with @jlaz77 and @Stacey.^^^

cjsbmom cjsbmom

Thanks, Mr. Zee. Couldn't agree with you more. This family's 15 minutes of fame was up a long time ago.

nonmember avatar glassxballerina

He's most certainly right - it's not newsworthy. Nor is most of the content on this site.

nonmember avatar Lisa

I agree with Lindsay. I would like to see Kim on the cover of Elle, I want to hear some of those answers as well. But then, I am lucky (very lucky) enough not to have a lot of drama in my life, and I get my drama fill through the Kardashians...so...LOL :-)

Kaide... KaidensMama1107

Ew that pic makes her look all gross

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