Lady Gaga Pees in Trash Cans in the Name of Fashion

lady gagaAlthough she's sort of an enigma, sometimes, Lady Gaga can be an open book. And she can be funny, too! Like in her recent interview with British comedian Alan Carr.

While talking to Carr, Mother Monster copped to the fact that, because most of her outfits aren't exactly casual, she sometimes must resort to peeing in trash cans in her dressing room. She said: "I quite often pee in my dressing room in the trash can. The bathroom is down the hall and you must get redressed. So I said: “F*** it! Otherwise, I’d be Latey Gaga.”

Gross. Yet ... in a weird, perverse way, kind of adorable. Couldn't you just see Gaga crouched over a garbage pail, weird, Philip Treacy hat atop her head, willing herself to tinkle?

Anyway, Lady G's comments got me wondering: How far is too far to go for an outfit?


Of course, Lady Gaga, and other pop stars for that matter, are excused from such a debate, as, well, their careers require them to wear all sorts of weird, restricting, sometimes food-based attire. But for regular folks like you and me, when is it too much?

I've gotta say, as much as I love fashion, I pretty much draw the line at an itchy tag. I cannot do uncomfortable. Then again, I really don't ever have to. My office is super casual. I don't have this exciting, fancy life that asks couture-esque fashions of me. And even if I did, guys, I don't think I'd be able to do it.

See, for me, when I feel uncomfortable, I look uncomfortable. My face and general demeanor will say it all. And that makes me look -- and feel -- unattractive. Quite often, I feel sexier in jeans and a ratty t-shirt than I do in a blazer-and-dress type of situation. Because I can move and breathe and feel normal in the former. 

Like I said, though, these rules don't apply to someone like Lady Gaga. The woman pees in trash cans. And probably looks adorable doing so.

Do you have an outfit that makes you feel "sexiest"?


Image via TJ Sengel/Flickr

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