Pregnant Jessica Simpson Needs to Put Away the Platform Heels

Jessica SimpsonJessica SImpson is only the latest in what's been a long string of celebrity pregnancies recently, all of them characterized by one thing -- extremely high platform heels.

From Victoria Beckham to Beyonce to Rachel Zoe -- it almost seems as if they've been in a competition to see who can wear the highest heels while pregnant.

And now, Jessica is making a strong showing.

In nearly every photo I've seen of her, she's wearing some form of ridiculously high platform heels.

Sure she looks stylish, but I have to ask ...

Is it responsible to totter around in the highest platform stilettos you can find, particularly when you're in your second or third trimester?


I'm gonna go with NO.

These things are hard enough to walk around in when you're not pregnant.

Add a gigantic belly to the front of your body and you're just asking for trouble.

Some of you have argued in the past that it's fine, because celebrities walk around in these all the time and they can handle them -- I disagree. I don't know about you, but I've seen more photos and videos than I can count of celebrities falling down in their super-high platform stilettos. It happens ALL THE TIME. And while it's sort of silly and giggle-worthy when it happens to Lady Gaga, for example, imagining it happen to a heavily pregnant woman is absolutely horrifying.

Of course, if/when that pregnant celebrity fall comes, there'll be tears and doctor check-ups and ultrasounds to make sure the baby's okay. There will be magazine articles and Internet posts written about it, and suddenly people will come out of the woodwork saying that the woman NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN WEARING THOSE SHOES. It's called common sense, people, and I'm going to come out and say it now before that frightening fall happens.

I love Jessica Simpson, but I think that wearing these kinds of shoes is not in the baby's best interest. I'd like to see Jessica opt for a pair of riding boots, which are so popular right now. She could even wear a regular stiletto heel for special occasions -- but there's simply no need to add a ginormous platform to them.

I know this might seem harsh, but a platform stiletto is the LAST thing I, or anyone else I know, would wear if I were pregnant and my balance were off.

Is it too much to ask celebrities to put their highest platform heels away while they're pregnant, too?


Image via Splash News

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