How to Get Movie Star Ringlets With a Curling Iron

Lindsay FerrierHave you been noticing those gorgeous, wavy ringlets worn by the celebrities these days, but can't seem to make them happen on your own hair?

Good news! My stylist at Salon NFuse here in Nashville showed me that it's easy to get them -- and all you need is a regular old curling iron!


HairThis takes a little practice, but it's super easy, and now I do it every day. Take a section of hair and clamp it in the iron right in the middle, like so. In this photo, it's facing up so that you can see what she's doing, but in real life, you want the curling iron barrel to be vertical, and you want the curl to be directed outward and away from your face. So on the left side of your face, you'll be turning the barrel counter-clockwise. On the right, you'll be turning the barrel clockwise. Make sense?



With the barrel at the center of your hair, wrap the end around the barrel. Pull the barrel down through your hair slowly, and keep winding more hair around it as you go ...



... until the ends of your hair are clamped into the curling iron. (Oh, and try not to fall asleep if you have someone doing this for you.)


HairLike so.

Let your hair go and you'll have the perfect wavy curl. Do this on either side of your face. In the back, I just make sure to curl it vertically -- it's too hard to wrap my hair around the barrel back there, and no one's looking very closely at that part of my hair anyway.

With this curling strategy, you'll end up with beautiful waves that frame your face -- JUST LIKE THE STARS.


What tools do you use on your hair?


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