Beyonce's Wedding Dress Revealed Years Later (PHOTOS)

beyonce wedding dress revealBeyonce and Jay-Z have always been one of those down-low, out-of-the-spotlight celeb couples. For eight years they were just dating, then all of the sudden they were married in some super secret NYC ceremony, and now they're expecting a little girl (or so the rumors say) sometime in February.

When I found out the duo got married back in 2008, I was gushing -- and hoping to catch a glimpse of what B wore to the Bey-Z nuptials. But it didn't exactly surprise me that the big reveal never happened.

Until now, that is.

A video from an August performance at Roseland Ballroom in New York City was just released on VEVO. In it, Beyonce's team spliced together clips of her rise to fame and personal life, including a snippet of the pop star trying on her wedding gown, designed by mom Tina Knowles. This is big, ladies! Let me tell you: It's GORGEOUS.

Check out the photos of the dress and the tear-jerking video after the jump:


First up, the elaborate bottom of her dress:

beyonce wedding dress

And then the sweetheart top:

beyonce wedding dress

See that smile? It makes my heart melt. You know what else makes me mushy? The fact that from the time I was little, I always envisioned myself getting married in the exact same style of dress. Sweetheart neckline? Check. Bustier top with ruching? Yes, please. Over-the-top elaborate bottom that hopefully bustles up so I can walk around at the reception? I'm SOLD.

I'd like to think that I have the grace to pull off that beautiful silhouette too. In fact, the only way my dream dress would differ is that the sweetheart wouldn't be so pointed at the corners -- the neckline would be more rounded.

For just one moment, can we pause to touch upon how AMAZE her curves look?! Her waist looks so small I just wanna squeeze it!

Watch the emotional video of Beyonce performing "I Was Here" at Roseland Ballroom (skip to around 3:35 for the dress):

What do you think of Beyonce's dress?


Image via VEVO

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