Pippa Middleton Should NOT Wear Leggings (PHOTOS)


pippa middletonEvery morning, when Pippa Middleton goes to work, an impromptu fashion show ensues -- whether she likes it or not. Like clockwork, the paparazzi gather 'round when "her royal hotness" makes her way into the office; hours later, fashion and gossip blogs are abuzz with photos and commentary on what Kate's little sister is wearing.

Typically, Pippa's seen in cute little dresses and smart blazers with a fashion bag in tow. And everybody loves it! But the other day, Ms. Middleton committed a cardinal fashion no-no: She wore leggings as pants.






I mean, yes, she has a fantastic body and can totally pull off leggings as pants, but still -- doesn't mean she should. It looks sort of weird, sort of half-together, sort of '80s. See?

pippa middleton

Now don't get me wrong, I love me some leggings. Seriously, I do. I have many a pair in rotation, but I never just wear them with a short shirt and jacket. There needs to be something long, something that covers stuff up. You can't just be all out there like that. It's a little, dare I say, vulgar.

I will totally wear leggings -- especially the shiny ones! -- with a short-ish shirt (I.E., one that only goes a bit past my hips), but I'll always pair it with a loose, longer cardigan, so at least my butt is covered. I know, Pippa has, like, the world's greatest bottom and all, but I'm sticking to my guns on this one: Leggings as pants = not cute.

Are you pro-leggings as pants?


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final... finallymommy

LOL yeah that's just more booty then most of us want to see:-)

nonmember avatar rhianon

I always feel too naked to actually wear them out of the house. Plus I feel like every male in a 500ft radius would be checking out my butt


ha! I don't really care, but if they are worn the top should cover the butt, IMO.

LikeA... LikeAVirgin

I feel naked wearing leggings as pants so I always cover my booty if I'm wearing them lol.

Melis... Melissa042807

My momma taught me back in the 80's and 90's to wear a shirt long enough to cover my butt when I wore leggings. I follow the same rule today. Love me a jersey dress with my leggings. 

nonmember avatar Liz

There are different type of leggings. These one's look pretty thick. Her but doesn't look any different, to me, than if she wore skinny jeans.

Bekki... BekkieBoodle

I wear leggings as pants.... with a shirt that goess a little past my hips... I dont think it looks bad... but then again, I dont do it all the time.  Only when Im feeling a bit lazy... lol

ladyl... ladylovemm

THis is alll for attention.  And it's working.

mallf... mallfoster

She lives in Europe...the rules are different there.  You wouldn't catch me dead in leggings, but my legs are NOT my best feature!

nonmember avatar ray in tucson

Uh, yeah, because she's hot and you're probably pushin 2 bills. Leave the girl alone, she could wear a clownsuit with them and still be do-able. Go eat some more bon bon's and quit hatin'.

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