'Toy Story' Clothes for Adults Should Be Burned (VIDEO)

toy story clothingThere are some articles of clothing that are just meant to be burned. Scrunchies: I'd like to see a pile of those suckers lit on fire. Skorts: Another excellent source of kindling. And let's not forget pantyhose ... those things can burn in hell as far as I'm concerned. Unfortunately, there's now some more un-fashion that's inspiring me to search for the matches and lighter fluid: Toy Story clothing. For adults. How weird and fireball worthy is that.

Let's gather around the blaze and talk about what's appropriate clothing for those of us over 10 years old. If there's a cartoon Woody on your shirt, please pay extra close attention.


Let's start with the fact that Hong Kong-based company Bossini and U.S. powerhouse Pixar thought it was a good idea to design and make what should be children's pajamas into dresses, shirts, and accessories for women and men. I'm hoping I'm right when I assume that the market for Toy Story adult clothing is limited, if not entirely non-existent, but apparently two execs from two very different companies thought that what was missing in the world were 30-somethings in Buzz Lightyear sweatshirts and three-eyed alien ponchos.

The whole idea is borderline disturbing, and the video, well, the video is going to give me nightmares. The music alone is enough to make a person give up on life, let alone the fashions. I'll happily admit that the kids' stuff is cute, but once Mom and Dad pop onto the scene, things just get uncomfortable. Then there's the part where the model looks like she's hanging herself on a rope ... I can't.

The good news is that this monstrosity of a collection will be very limited in distribution; I don't think we'll have to worry about mistaking an adult in a Mr. Potato Head outfit for a super tall first-grader who's wandered out of daycare. What a relief, huh? To infinity and beyond with this crap.

Watch the ad and tell me if you think this Toy Story clothing line for adults is creepy or cool:


Photo via YouTube

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