The Perfect 'Breaking Dawn' Premiere Outfit Revealed

Breaking dawn shirtIt's here. It's here. It's finally here! Breaking Dawn: Part 1 premieres at midnight tonight. So you've re-read the books, ordered your tickets online. Now for the question of the hour: what are you going to wear?

A true Twi-Hard isn't going to throw on just any old thing for the biggest night of the year. Let's make like Alice Cullen and get shopping!


Breaking Dawn Characters T-Shirt; Hot Topic; $22.50.

For the girl who still hasn't decided -- Team Jacob or Team Edward -- a shirt showing your undying love for the whole cast is the only way to go. From the Hot Topic collection for The Twilight Saga, it can be lovingly packed away in one of their Breaking Dawn cinchbags until it's time to enter the fangdom.

Bella Swan's engagement ring

Bella's Engagement Ring; Infinite Jewelry; $39

Edward liked it, so he put a ring on it. And you can too. Just make sure you switch it to your right hand before you enter the theater -- it's time for the wedding after all! Tip: don't wait on this one; the sale price saves you $6. That's enough for the extra large bucket of popcorn.

Bella Swan jacket

Sage Corduroy Jacket; Amazon; $49.99

The wet kind of cold that Forks, Washington is known for will cut right to the bone if you're not careful. But you won't have to worry about getting a cold cuddling up to your bloodsucking sweetie with a replica of Bella's comfy corduroy jacket to throw on over your character tee.

bella hat

Bella's Hat; GreenEyedTigerLily; $11

Walk into the theater looking like Bella with a simple knit beanie; walk out with a hat that will keep you as toasty warm as a werewolf hug all winter-long.

Bella's hair comb

Bella's Hair Comb; Amazon; $28.30

You can try for a wedding dress in honor of one of the most anticipated scenes in Breaking Dawn, but isn't it a little hard to hit up the stores before the movie if you're dressed up in full wedding regalia? Go simple with a replica of the hair comb Bella will wear in her hair as she ties the knot with her eternal love.

Do you dress up for big movie events to get in on the action? What's the coolest costume you've put together?

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