Watch Passionate Shopper Go All Out for a Deal (VIDEO)


woman shoppingThere's almost nothing I wouldn't do for a good bargain. The feeling of snagging a great deal is somewhat euphoric to me. I know I'm not alone. Take this determined shopper inside Saks Fifth Avenue, for instance.

A video has gone viral of a blonde woman walking up the escalator at the popular store in the wrong direction. The shopper, who's undeniably struggling, is committed to her cause and must really want something on the top floor. Even after skipping two or three steps at once, she still has a difficult time making it to the top.

So what if this awkward attempt was caught on tape? To hell with embarrassment! Come on -- I could totally see myself doing the same thing ... if the price was right. Couldn't you?

Watch the footage for yourself:

That's some true dedication right there. At the end, I was getting nervous she wasn't going to make it! While there's nothing that proves she was trying to score a deal, it sure looks like she's on a mission, doesn't it?

I too have done some silly things in the name of bargain hunting. From pulling an all-nighter gearing up for Black Friday shopping to waiting in a line outside Sports Authority at 4:40 a.m. hoping to find the magical $500 scratch-off coupon (which I did last year!), these experiences are just fun for me. Sure, maybe the whole escalator bit is a little more physically demanding -- but this is what we shopaholics do. I don't know about you, but my family and friends are certainly happy I am the way I am once the holiday season rolls around.

You know what? As long as the store's security didn't come after her, I'm going to say this woman is really on to something. Why pay loads of dollars to join a gym when, if you don't mind the public embarrassment, you can fit in your sweat sesh at the local two-story store of your choice? Admittedly, though, it could be dangerous, with the sharp edges and all. She'd be much smarter to wear the proper elbow, knee, and facial protection the next time.

What crazy things have you done for a good deal?


Image via YouTube

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momto... momtolittleg

Um, wow.  I'm hoping she was just trying to get in a quick workout or something.

Anouck Anouck

Heh, that was my first thought too... "Maybe she's just trying to have a little work-out on her lunch break?"

If not, wow... Way to confirm the blonde stereotype, heh.

Maken... MakenzieG

My guess is she realized she forgot something on the top floor, thought it would be easy to just turn around and run back up, but then as soon as she discovered that wasn't the case knew she had to stick it out to save herself from looking silly. Little did she know it'd happen anyway...

nonmember avatar HS

Why did she have to be blonde?!?! Whyyyyyyy?!?! She's probably a fake blonde making us all look bad :/

bether89 bether89

If she was trying to get a workout, she should definitely wear different shoes.

schei... scheinsr627

i have don't it as fun thing with my friend it was lots of fun.  But u have to "run" up in order not to get stuck like she did. :) 

TC00 TC00

Ugh make sure you turn the sound down the obnoxious laughter from the person filming is like nails on a chalk board

Dannielle Richins

I've never been to a mall that DOESN'T have an "up" for every "down" escalator...why didn't she just go to the appropriate side? I have to think maybe it was broken or something, because no one in their right mind would do this.

The end is pretty funny though, got a laugh out of me

ceciliam ceciliam

I was thinking that she might be getting in a little work-out OR maybe she was drunk....who knows. Anyway, I don't think I have ever done anything embarrassing for a bargain.


Ok, that was funny. I haven't done anything crazy for a deal.

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