Versace H&M Line Leaves Real Women Out in the Cold

donatella versaceI'm so over the Versace for H&M collection and it hasn't even hit stores yet. The latest drama is that Versace canceled the photo shoot today that was supposed to picture real New York women modelling clothes from the line. Turns out Donatella didn't think they represented the brand well enough and shut down the whole thing. Because Donatella, queen of plastic surgery, tanning beds, and all things dye jobs, would never approve of anything less than a stick-thin high-fashion model to be seen in her designs.

So what the hell is Versace doing collaborating with for-the-masses store H&M? It makes no sense.


Because I just don't feel like anyone really thought about it. The whole idea feels like it was conceived in the boiler room after one too many glasses of prosecco. Something feels dirty about it. And now with all this info coming out, it proves that this idea wasn't really thought through to the end.

It's obvious Versace wants nothing to do with the masses. They've been difficult throughout the process -- they've mandated that shoppers line up outside the stores in advance and get wristbands before heading inside, 20 at a time. And now that they don't want "real women" posing in their duds, it's getting to be obvious that Donatella is reluctant to have her brand be approachable.

Despite all the hype, the drama may turn off some H&M shoppers. No one wants to support a clothing line that thinks we're not good enough to wear it. You know who's never had this problem? Target. They collaborate with high-end designers all the time yet manage to portray a welcoming and excitability about the product in a way that H&M and Versace have not been able to. Fashion designers looking to expand their lower price collections should work with Target because H&M is partly responsible for this Versace mess if only because they let it happen.

Versace wants to stay above the fray and look down on us from their towers made of $10,000 dresses and $5,000 pants. They don't want real women wearing "Versace" tights for $29.99. If they did, maybe they would've done things differently with their H&M partnership.

Will you shop Versace for H&M?


Photo via david_shankbone/Flickr

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