Adriana Lima Defends No-Food Victoria’s Secret Diet


adriana limaLast week, Adriana Lima shocked the world by revealing her very unrealistic, very unhealthy pre-Victoria's Secret Show diet and fitness regimen. If you haven't heard the gory details, all you need to know is it pretty much involves not eating or drinking. Naturally, shortly after the supermodel opened her mouth, she was attacked. By everyone. So now she's doing some damage control and clarifying what she said.

The lingerie model told E! that there was a "misunderstanding" with her comments. She said, "I just have an athlete's mind and I appreciate doing this thing. It's not that I do crazy diets throughout the year. I just do it for this particular thing. After this show, I become normal again!" Then she added, "Those teenagers out there, don't go starving yourself or only drinking liquids."

It's nice that Adriana put it out there that teens shouldn't follow her lead, but here's the thing: I don't think she was out of line in the first place.

Now I'm not condoning -- by any means on this Earth -- starving yourself, excessively exercising, or doing anything dangerous to lose weight, so don't go attacking down there in the comments section. I'm just saying: Has anyone seen a Victoria's Secret model? They're, physically, not human. Their bodies aren't attainable. Unless, of course, you're 5'10" and pretty much starve yourself and work out twice a day every day. They're not just tall, thin women. They're tall, thin women who don't have a single body part that jiggles in the slightest when they bounce around in their skivvies. That doesn't happen with normal diet and exercise.

I think Lima was merely saying what most models -- and celebrities, for that matter -- do before events. I think she was being completely candid. And in a weird way, although shocking, it was sort of refreshing, because it really solidified the fact that her body is unattainable. Who on Earth has the time or will power to take part in her pre-show ritual?

Again, I'm glad that she came out with a statement to discourage teens from trying this at home. But it would have been more cringe-worthy if she had said that she eats McDonald's before the show 'cause she just has "good genes."

Do you think Adriana Lima's comments were wrong?


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RMT1995 RMT1995

Personally, I'd rather the truth be known (that they DO starve themselves) than have young girls feeling bad about herself because, despite eating right and getting plenty of exercise, her body isn't as "perfect" as theirs. It's better to hear "Yes, I don't eat, but you shouldn't do that" rather than "No, I pig out constantly" and have girls feel forever inadequate.

white... whitebreads

She isn't wrong. She only has to do that like once a year. IT IS HER JOB. Just like fighters models do extreme things to get their body in shape. It is what it is and it certainly isn't for the feint of heart.

Andrea Byrd Plate

As someone who struggled with an eating disorder and body image issues as a teen, I'm glad she came out and told the truth.  I wish more celebs would come out and admit that it takes extreme measures for them to look the way they do, and to admit that, yes, it's their job to look that way and it's not something normal people can do.

nonmember avatar sparklemama

I am glad that she is giving the world a realistic perception of what she puts herself through to look like a Victoria's Secret Model. It shows us normal folks that even VS Models cannot live up to their own image of "perfection" shown on the catwalk. Her diet reminds me a lot of what wrestlers in high school do to make weight/drop weight before a meet.

Kritika Kritika

Amen, amen and amen. I agree with all of you...

fraoch fraoch

It's her job to look that way...whoever gave her flack for it is stupid, imo. She's not normal like you and I, she is paid to be different.

Mommy... MommyPeanuthead

Adriana Lima has been my fave Victoria's Secret model since I can remember. And in all honesty, its not like she's saying she starves herself every single day of her life. It sounds like what a nervous person does before an important event. You don't eat or drink cause you're nervous and want things to go well... Doesn't sound like a big deal to me.

Mama2... Mama2MonkeyBoys

It's stupid and dangerous, but it's her body. She's clearly not suffering from a disorder, she's perfectly aware that what's she's doing is stupid and dangerous. So, it's her choice.

jaxmadre jaxmadre

I agree with you 100%. I'm glad she spoke candidly.

Melis... Melissa042807

When a model says they're "normal" I take it with a huge grain of salt. Their "normal" is not normal for the rest of the world. It is normal for a model whose job it is to prance around with barely any clothing on. So maybe she doesn't starve herself every single day of the year, but I'd bet if we saw her real day to day diet it would still look absolutely nothing like what we in the real world do. 

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