Jessica Alba Makes Maxis Look Cool: Would You Wear One?

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Jessica AlbaYes, it's true that new mom Jessica Alba could probably wear a dress made of used Band-Aids and look good in it. (Dry heaving now? SORRY.)

But I swear y'all, she looks so casually fabu in this maxi skirt and denim jacket that for the first time, I'm thinking that even I, a mere mortal, could pull this look off.

That said, I can already predict the comments on this post -- "Yes, that's fine if you weigh 110 pounds!" "I'm too short for a maxi!" "Maxis are not for curvy women!"

Despite this, I see this photo and ...


I want to believe that I can wear a maxi skirt and look amazing, too!

Let's perpetuate the fantasy, shall we?

I've got some affordable maxi skirts for you to look at and lust over ... after the jump!

Victoria's SecretVictoria's Secret makes this maxi skirt (Victoria's Secret, $39.50) look totally sexy ...


TargetBest price award goes to this Mossimo Maxi Skirt (Target, $27.99).


ZapposOr you could opt to go luxe with this Michael Stars modal maxi (Zappos, $98), which looks supremely comfortable.


KohlsFinally, one more budget-friendly option: This Apt. 9 maxi skirt (Kohl's, $29.99).

So ... are you willing to GO LONG?


Images (top to bottom): Splash News, Victoria's Secret, Target, Zappos, Kohl's

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cassi... cassie_kellison

I feel like I am to short to wear a maxi. I might be wrong because I have never tried one on, but I feel like they are for someone a little taller than my 5'5. I do LOVE the whole look Miranda Kerr has going on in the Victoria's Secret Maxi. And Jessica is adorable.

jagam... jagamama0710

I just can't get into the maxi thing. I don't think they look bad on other people but when I try one on myself I just don't see it looking good. I'm pretty sure I'm too critical of myself. lol 

nonmember avatar sselizabeth

One word for how Jessica Alba looks in that picture: Frumpy. Every skirt in this post is hideously frumpy, except the one on the VS model... go figure.

glori... gloriajoy

I used to feel the same way about maxis as I did about skinny jeans, I was convinced I was too short at 5'5'' and they just wouldn't look good. Now all I wear are maxi skirts and dresses and my skinny jeans. Some of my husband's favorite dresses on me are maxi, PLUS you don't always have to shave your legs! SCORE! The trend I'm currently having a hard time grasping is midi skirts, but ask me again in four months and I'll proble have gotten over that one too.

Melis... Melissa042807

I like maxi dresses, but I kind of have a mental block when it comes to maxi skirts. I've had to wear long skirts on missions trips I've gone on, and maxi skirts remind me of that. :-) I know, I know, I'm weird. 

butte... butterflymkm

Like anything else I think it depends on body type. But the ones you have pictured are gorgeous!

nonmember avatar trouble1365

I LOVE my maxi dresses and skirts, I'm 5'10" and curvy/bigboned/fat and I feel like I ROCK them and they make me feel oh-so-feminine. It's all about attitude and how you wear your clothes. :)

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

Maxi dresses in the summer are cute. Maxi skirts look Christian-Conservative.

Jessica Alba is well-known, and it's obvious that's she's not a Pentecostal.

A "mere mortal" such as myself might get mistaken for one, though.

Marsh... MarshaCWP

Although I wear skirts all the time, I don't like them this long because they're impractical.  If the skirt is to the floor, I'm always tripping over it, and have to lift it with my hands if I'm going up or down stairs.  Also the hem tends to get dirty if it's skimming the ground.  So I won't wear a skirt that longer than the bottom of my calf.

I think long skirts can look good on short and/or curvy women.  They usually look a lot better than pants, IMO.

momka... momkaribg

I am to short to pull this look off.

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