Jessica Alba Makes Maxis Look Cool: Would You Wear One?

Jessica AlbaYes, it's true that new mom Jessica Alba could probably wear a dress made of used Band-Aids and look good in it. (Dry heaving now? SORRY.)

But I swear y'all, she looks so casually fabu in this maxi skirt and denim jacket that for the first time, I'm thinking that even I, a mere mortal, could pull this look off.

That said, I can already predict the comments on this post -- "Yes, that's fine if you weigh 110 pounds!" "I'm too short for a maxi!" "Maxis are not for curvy women!"

Despite this, I see this photo and ...


I want to believe that I can wear a maxi skirt and look amazing, too!

Let's perpetuate the fantasy, shall we?

I've got some affordable maxi skirts for you to look at and lust over ... after the jump!


Victoria's SecretVictoria's Secret makes this maxi skirt (Victoria's Secret, $39.50) look totally sexy ...


TargetBest price award goes to this Mossimo Maxi Skirt (Target, $27.99).


ZapposOr you could opt to go luxe with this Michael Stars modal maxi (Zappos, $98), which looks supremely comfortable.


KohlsFinally, one more budget-friendly option: This Apt. 9 maxi skirt (Kohl's, $29.99).

So ... are you willing to GO LONG?


Images (top to bottom): Splash News, Victoria's Secret, Target, Zappos, Kohl's

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