'Hunger Games' Nail Polish Will Make Me a True Fan

hunger games katnissEveryone EVERYWHERE has been telling me that I need to jump on The Hunger Games bandwagon ASAP. I've heard the books are a super easy, entertaining read, and that Katniss Everdeen (the series' heroine) is the coolest character to hit young adult novels, like, ever. Hey, I can get down with that.

So while I may not be an expert on all things Hunger Games (yet), I am a self-proclaimed expert on nail polish. Let me tell you, I am beyond stoked for The Hunger Games collection from China Glaze to come out in February. From "Fight to the Finish," a speckled black, to "Heat of the Moment," a copper that's to DIE for, the colors are GORGEOUS.

Now more than ever, I'm so curious to learn the stories behind the 12 different shades. Check them out for yourself:

China Glaze

hunger games nail polish

I told you they're beautiful! I think my favorites are "Cinna-mon" and "Primrose." There's undoubtedly a metallic theme throughout the collection, but I like how there are a few more muted tones to balance out the palette. If the movie is anything like these shades, there's going to be a lot of eye-catching action going on.

It seems like this new movie and correlating nail polish thing is a trend lately, and I love it! One of my all-time fave summer colors, a lilac purple called "Rumple's Wiggin'," is actually from the Shrek Forever After OPI collection. There are loads of other great ones too, like Pirates of the Caribbean collection for OPI and, more recently, Deborah Lippmann's Footloose line.

Arguably the best part about all the movie-inspired nail polishes is the fun shade names. The back stories behind them are great and you just have to tell people your nail polish color when it's called "Dancing in the Sheets" or similar. I can't wait until I understand the thought process behind Hunger Games' "Joined at the Seam"!

What's your favorite shade from The Hunger Games collection?

Image via Lionsgate, China Glaze

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