Melissa McCarthy's Spanx Fashion Disaster Will Make You Laugh (VIDEO)


melissa mccarthy spanx storyAs a longtime Gilmore Girls fanatic, I've always hearted my fellow South Side Chicago gal Melissa McCarthy and thought she was a totally talented comedienne, so it's super-satisfying to see her finally getting her moment in the sun. But just because she's an incredibly coveted actress and Emmy winner these days doesn't mean she doesn't occasionally suffer embarrassing fashion emergencies! In fact, she recently told Ellen about one hilarious moment involving shapewear. And the wardrobe malfunction she describes is one MANY women can relate to!

See, those of us who wear Spanx definitely have a love-hate relationship with the damn things. They're lifesavers when you want to smooth out any bumps or rolls, but they can also have a reeeeally unnatural way of shifting your whole outfit around. Or riding up out of nowhere and being a real pain ... literally!

Just consider what happened to Melissa. 

She was in a rush in the morning, and had to bring Spanx with her to work (it seems because the costume department wanted to see the style number of her favorite kind), and well, her attempt to throw 'em on and run out the door didn't exactly go off without a hitch ... watch her tell her funny tale:

Ohhhhh, dear. Now, how many of us have been in the very same, or at least similar, shoes?

I'll never forget -- after the unveiling of my grandpa's tombstone a couple years ago, I stopped in the office at the cemetery to use their ladies' room. As I was walking out, one of the nice women working there kinda "pssst"-ed at me as I was heading back to the car and gently told me that my dress was tucked into my Spanx in the back. Through my tears, I started laughing and thanked her for pointing that out, and she said something like, "It's okay, dear, grief is a good excuse!" Ahhh! Like Melissa, I'm sure I turned beet red, but obviously, I got off a little bit easier because at least it didn't happen to me in front of a gaggle of guys!

So, lesson learned from my ordeal and Melissa's: Shapewear is definitely higher-maintenance than you'd think. When wearing it, you better check yourself ... or else end up bearing much more than you bargained for!

Do you wear Spanx or other shapewear? Has it ever embarrassed you out of the blue?


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fraoch fraoch


Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I have a pair but I rarely wear them. I don't think they're all that honestly. They do a decent job flattening the front but they make my waist bigger as I discovered when I put them on to help with a pair of pants that were slightly snug but they no longer buttoned with the spanx on.

pflip pflip

I completely love her. Seriously... so so funny.

Cynthia Henry

OMG this is so funny!!! Been there and Done that lmfao!!!!


Leah Jolly

I think about that happening every time I go to the bathroom in my Spanx! Always make sure I double check that my clothes are on before emerging!! It would be so easy since the Spanx cover the skin & you don't notice that your clothes aren't on!! lol

Wendy Carruthers Taylor

OMG!  She is just too funny!!!  So self-depricatingly funny!  Love it when celebs show that they're just regular folks with regular embarrassing moments!  Love, love, love her!

Krist... KristinRox

That was absolutely hilarious. Thank you soo much for posting that clip. I do wear shapewear but Ive never had a mishap.. thank God!

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