Behold the Vulva Purse!

Vulva PurseReaders have sent me links to vulva necklaces and a vulva wedding gown ...

Now, I present to you THE VELVET VULVA PURSE.

Yes, readers, this could be you lazing in the sun, your vulva purse casually open in your lap for all the whole world to check out.

Or? It could be your mother-in-law!

I think she would love one of these babies for Christmas ...

Don't you?

And I've got extra-special news for brides-to-be out there.

The creator of this purse also makes vulva wedding pillows to securely hold the rings of yours and your beloved's!

Click through to see one for yourself!



Velvet Vulva Wedding PillowMy only concern about this Velvet Vulva wedding pillow is that its ... beauty ... might distract wedding-goers from the bride herself.

And that would be a shame.


Velvet VulvaSo perhaps we should all just stick with the purses! These are sure to be conversation starters (AND ENDERS), whether you wear yours to work, to a cocktail party, or to see your therapist! You're going to have to save your pennies, though -- Velvet Vulva purses range from $175 all the way up to $375.

Quit complaining! It's hard work making a vulva look this good!


Velvet VulvaI ... uh ... moving on!


Velvet VulvaFor those of you who like to be hyper-prepared, might I suggest that you keep in mind this Velvet Vulva Valentine for February? Who wouldn't love to receive this kind of surprise from a sweetheart?

Get yours before they become the next big trend, ladies! I wouldn't be surprised if every woman is carrying a Velvet Vulva bag by next season!

Want one?


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