How Much Would You Pay for a Really Good Bra?

BrasUntil a week ago, if you asked me how much I'd spend on a bra, I'd say around $30. Period.

I've always chosen my everyday bras based on what's on sale, and they've all worked out well enough.

A bra is a bra is a bra. Right? Well now, I'm not so sure.

I was sent a bra to try out this past week (from a COMPANY- get your mind out of the gutter!). It was a bra I've heard raves about over the years and I'd always wanted to try it, but there was only one problem.

It cost $62.

When I put it on, all my theories about bras went right out the window.

Want to know more? Read on ....


The bra was the Spanx Bra-llelujah, which has an elastic-free design and promises to banish back fat (not that I, uh, have ANY back fat).

SPanxThis is the bra.

As I said, friends have raved about it, so I was eager to give it a test drive. I put it on and ...

Well, there's no overestimating how wonderful it felt. It is hands down the most comfortable bra I've ever worn. It is the softest-ever-mens-t-shirt of bras.

At the same time, it also offers a lot of support and a welcome little lift. And? No back fat!

I would like to be more critical, but I have to be honest with you -- I can't think of anything I'd change about it. Now if it doesn't hold up in the wash, I'll get back to you, but as of this moment, I'll be honest -- I can't imagine wearing anything else!


That's not to say there aren't cheaper bras out there that are just as awesome, it's just that I haven't found one. And since I've never been partial to any one brand, I have tried a LOT of cheaper bras.

Anyway, this whole experience begs the question --- How much would you pay for a really good bra? And have you found one that you absolutely love and couldn't live without?



Images via Daquella Manera/Flickr and Spanx

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