Bullet Jewelry Designed by Veterans Is Right on Target

bullet braceletThere are few things in this world I would call a "must-have," but I think I just found a piece of jewelry to add to the short list. Not only is it 100 percent awesome, it's also timely -- it's Veterans Day! Called the Bullet Bracelet, it's from a jewelry line started and operated by two Naval bomb technician veterans, Erik Spaulding and Cole Evans. Their company is called Bullets2Bandages and their designs use brass casings and bullets to make unexpectedly bad-ass necklaces and wristlets. And that's not even the best part! Fifteen percent of the proceeds go to veterans' nonprofits. To steal a phrase from Chandler Bing, could these guys BE any cooler?

Probably not. But enough about them. Let's focus on their creations.


To be honest, I'm not sure if the jewelry is supposed to be for men, but I'm telling you, this lady is very interested. The bullet bracelet is rad. Me want. Me will buy. Me will wear it all the time. I mean, this bracelet might be the key to the city. And by "city" I mean all the amazing nightlife I'm missing out on because I don't feel cool enough to try and get in.

But with this bad boy on my wrist? Who could turn me away. It says that I'm hip, I'm a bit dangerous, and I like supporting the troops. Win, win, and double win. And if the bouncers are a little afraid of me because I've got a row of (not live) ammunition around my arm, then so be it. Stand aside, gentlemen, it's time I hit the dance floor.

The only place this bracelet may not be appropriate is the airport. I don't really want to raise any eyebrows as I fly from NYC to Asheville -- the fact that I order two Cokes and a tomato juice on each flight garners enough suspicion already. (I'm thirsty and I need salt! I'm sorry I'm not sorry.) I also wouldn't wear it at the Thanksgiving or Christmas table ... don't want the little ones thinking I'm responsible for the dead birds they're about to eat.

But other than that, this bracelet is without a doubt the best fashion piece I've seen in a long time. Can't wait to get my hands on one/in one. (Oh, and it's only $49!) Keep up the great work, Erik and Cole, and thank you for your service to the country, and the jewelry world. Happy Veterans Day.

What do you think of the bullet bracelet and of Bullets2Bandages?


Photo via bullets2bandages.com

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