Corduroy Day Is Just the Tip of the Weird Fashion Holiday Iceberg

national corduroy day 11/11/11I feel like I'm late to the party. I'm just now finding out that tomorrow, November 11, is officially National Corduroy Appreciation Day as proclaimed by the National Corduroy Appreciation Club. Gee willikers! I only have a matter of hours to find my best cord pants and matching blazer! Here I was just thinking that the 11th was a lucky day (you know, 11/11/11) for having babies and getting married.

Yes, the Corduroy Appreciation Club is very much real. In fact, they meet the first of every November and January (invitation required). As for their big holiday, it makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Corduroy is made of lots of vertical, straight seams. When you look at tomorrow's date -- 11/11/11 -- that's a lot of vertical number ones. BAM! Perfection.

I won't beat myself up about accidentally overlooking tomorrow's holiday. If anything, the upcoming celebration just makes me realize that there are so many other wacky fashion holidays* we're missing out on!


*Note: None of these holidays are real ... yet.

Houndstooth Appreciation Day

When: April 4

Why: Have you ever looked at the stitches that go into a houndstooth pattern? It's a series of four stitches of one color, followed by four of another. Obviously, this idea makes the fourth day of the fourth month a perfect fashion fit for celebrating!

All Things Red Day

When: June 6

Why: It's the day of the Devil, that's all you need to know. No horns or tail necessary. I suggest celebrating with a Bloody Mary (or five).

Headband Appreciation Day

When: Whenever there's a crescent moon

Why: Same half-moon shape, of course! Celebrate with friends by getting together to decorate some new totally rad headbands, preferably in a purple shade like Daphne's from Scooby Doo.

Overalls Lovers Day

When: February 2

Why: Those handy-dandy straps are the two best things that ever happened to pants that buckle to stay on your body. It's only natural to commemorate both buckles on the second day of the second month. So you know, the hardcore overalls lovers will wear flannels under their onesies. Trust me, the overalls look better that way.

National Mani/Pedi Day

When: October 10

Why: Ten fingers, 10 toes. Treat your digits to some glam time on National Mani/Pedi Day, where in an ideal world, all salons will give you at least 10 percent off!

Which of your favorite (or least favorite!) fashion statements do you think deserve a holiday?


Image via Chase Lindberg Photography/Flickr

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