CMA Awards Worst Dressed Looks Like an Insect

laura bell bundyThere was a gigantic, exotic butterfly on the Country Music Awards red carpet last night. It flew in from the Amazon and landed in Nashville just in time for the CMA Awards 2011 and it was truly a sight to behold: The glittery thorax, the purple wings, and its magnificent size took my breath away. It was one of God's greatest creat -- wait, what? It wasn't a sparkly Monarch? It was Laura Bell Bundy of "Giddy On Up" fame? Well. Color me embarrassed.

This whole time I thought it was an amazing insect, but turns out it's just a country star in a questionable outfit. Guess I should've known.


The CMA red carpet is always a little out there and not always in a bad way. Laura's get-up isn't my favorite -- I'd go as far as to say she's the worst dressed -- but it has a certain panache about it that can't be denied. Just like a drag queen's over-the-top lewk is horrifying, yet awe inspiring. She looks ridiculous, yet impressive. Same sort of thing.

Glitter ruled at the CMAs -- Carrie Underwood looked stunning in gold sparkles, Sandra Lee looked fabulous in her silver glitter, and Nicole Kidman looked polished in her black dazzlers. Laura Bell was certainly on the glitter train, but I think she took it one stop too far. I will give her this, though: Her legs look fantastic. They look like plastic Barbie legs and I kind of want to bite them. Maybe that's why she decided to wear a bejeweled bathing suit with an amethyst towel wrapped around her; she wanted to show off her best assets.

But overall, Laura's dress? can we call it that? was a little too costumey for me. All that was missing was a baton in her hand and a band of horny teens behind her. Or a gaggle of figure skating super fans. Or a trail of lost butterflies who think they're following the mother ship. Needless to say, her look didn't do it for me.

Do you like Laura Bell Bundy's outfit?


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