Give Me Your Best Style Dare for a New CafeMom Video Series!

BacktacularLoyal She's Still Got It readers probably remember 'Style Dare.'

Initially written as a column for a local women's magazine, I tested out some of the craziest fashion/beauty ideas and trends on the market.

One time, I wore one of these 'Backtaculars' (pictured at your left) to a local bar -- with hilarious results. Another time, I wore a Snuggie to lunch and took photos that ended up on the Today show!

But as fun as the Style Dares were to conduct, I always thought they would be far better in video format.

Well now, CafeMom is granting me my wish! Style Dare will soon be a CafeMom-produced video series!

And you get to help me decide which dare to take next!


We're looking for the most hilarious and outrageous beauty and fashion trends that you've seen while watching TV, paging through magazines, or searching the web.

Should I wear a knockoff of Princess Beatrice's royal wedding hat?

Would you like to see people's reactions if I were to wear temporary lip tattoos?

Perhaps I could keep warm on a cold winter's day with a nice knitted beard ...

Or maybe I could sneak in a nap in a doctor's office by pulling out my trusty Wrap-a-Nap.

Maybe you have a great idea of your own!

Keep in mind, it needs to be family-friendly, which means that Vajazzling is unfortunately out.

Other than that, the sky's the limit, girls!

Give me your best Style Dare and see if I take it!


Image via ShopBacktacularOnline

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