Makeup Tips for Women With Glasses

EyeglassesOne of the most forgotten figures in the fashion and beauty world is the Woman Wearing Glasses.

Most fashion and beauty magazines leave her out of the picture altogether, despite the fact that millions of women out there wear eyeglasses for at least some of each day.

Well, the makeup artists at Salon NFuse here in Nashville wanted to change that.

They helped me put together this makeup tutorial just for you.



Salon NFuseSo this is Chelsea. She wears eyeglasses and little to no makeup each day. Makeup artist Stephanie Littrell started by quickly putting a light foundation on Chelsea's face with a sponge. You could also opt for a powder foundation (I do!) like M.A.C. StudioFix.


Salon NfuseNext, concealer. Concealer is key, even if you're not wearing much other makeup. Chelsea was taught how to dab a little concealer right under her eye at the lashline in order to brighten it, and then tap the concealer lightly all the way around her eye. You can do this with a makeup sponge or with your ring finger. If you have dark, purplish eye circles, you'll also want to lightly cover them with a yellow tone concealer. Stephanie likes using Sonia Kashuk's concealer palette, which includes a range of colors for different areas of your face.


Salon NFuse

For Chelsea's eye makeup, Stephanie opted for a neutral brown shadow. Chelsea's eyeglasses have dark frames, so her eyeshadow needs to be lighter and more neutral. If your frames are wire or rimless, you can go darker and/or more vibrant.

Salon Nfuse

Once the eyeshadow was blended, Chelsea applied mascara. Stephanie advises that women with glasses steer clear of lengthening formulas, since they'll make your lashes end up hitting the lenses. Opt for a thickening mascara instead. Also, avoid waterproof mascara for daily wear. It'll end up making your lashes brittle and causing them to break off.

Salon NfuseChelsea finished off with a berry-colored lip pencil. Rules for women with glasses are the same as they are for women without glasses when it comes to the eye-lip ratio. If you have a strongly made-up eye, go with a neutral lipstick tone. If you have a natural looking eye like Chelsea's, go for a brighter lip tone.


Salon NfuseAnd here's Chelsea, still natural, but definitely looking more polished -- eyeglasses and all! 

If you wear eyeglasses, do you also wear much makeup? What's your favorite makeup-with-glasses tip?


Top image via Zaprittsky/Flickr

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