Kim Kardashian & Jessica Simpson Can’t Stop Wearing This Style (PHOTOS)

jessica simpsonFrom the time I was a pre-teen devouring YM magazine until pretty much a few months ago, it seems that "fashion staples" have remained the same. A little black dress, a great trench, a cashmere sweater, and "nice" (read: not from Forever 21) black pumps always have been touted among the items that every woman oughta have in her wardrobe. (Side bar -- I own none of these things. I had an LBD, but I lent it to a friend five years ago.) But now, in wild and crazy 2011, a new item has been added to the list of style must-haves.

Curious? Here's a hint: Jessica Simpson and the Kardashians cannot get enough of it.


Leopard! Leopard anything, be it a shirt, a coat, shoes, a scarf, has officially made its saucy way to the "essentials" list. Just pick up a magazine, go to a store, it's literally everywhere you turn -- and not in a nauseating way, in an oh-my-gosh-this-is-actually-quite-delightful way.

Now, not trying to say that I started this trend, buuut I've gotta tell you -- and ask anyone who knows me -- I've been a big proponent of leopard for quite some time. Off the top of my head, my current count of leopard items is at eight: A coat, two pairs of shoes, a scarf, shorts, two clutches, and a tank top. While I do enjoy not looking like everyone else on the face of the earth, I am over-the-moon that this "trend" is, well, no longer a trend. Because you know what that means? More leopard!

It really is the perfect pattern to liven up an outfit. Black dress, black tights, black shoes? Leopard clutch! Jeans and a solid colored shirt? Leopard scarf! Black pants and a white blouse? Leopard flats! (These are one of the pairs I own.) If you want to get a little crazy with your leopard -- a little '80s -- you can take the Kourtney Kardashian route, and go with leopard tights. (Not sure how I feel about them.) But if you feel like you just want to dip your toe in leopard lake, stick with a bag a la Jessica Simpson or a scarf a la Kim Kardashian.

Check 'em out. Cute, no?

jessica simpson


kim kardashian

Have you rocked leopard yet? If so, whaddya got?

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