These Cool Paper Eyelashes Will Make You the Center of Attention!

PaperselfI've seen outrageous eyelashes, but never quite like these!

Inspired by the art of Chinese paper-cutting, London design firm Paperself is turning out these first-ever paper eyelashes, allowing you to wear deer, peacock feathers, and even seahorses ON YOUR EYES.

Find out where to get your own pair after the jump -- and tell me in the comments if you'd wear them!


For those of you who can't take an entire eyeful of paper lashes, Paperself also offers small lashes like these, which are slightly less in-your-face.


PaperselfThese are HORSE HEADS. I. Die.

These look like the kinds of unattainable lashes that you'd only find in a boutique in Paris or Italy. But I've got good news -- Sephora is carrying several different Paperself designs, and I for one am dying to try them!


SephoraThese Peacock lashes (Sephora, $19) would be a hit at a holiday cocktail party.


SephoraAnd these Deer and Butterfly lashes (Sephora, $19) will have everyone in the room clamoring to gaze deep into your eyes ...

Reviewers say they're not exactly comfortable and definitely not for daily wear (you'll be lucky if your lashes last more than one wearing), but for a special occasion, there's really nothing else like them.

Check out the full line of Paperself products at Sephora!

Would you try them out?


Images via Paperself, Sephora

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