The Biggest Shopping Cities Will Make You Drop

confessions of a shopaholicPerhaps it has something to do with the Kardashians (doesn't everything?), but we've become a nation of clothing/style/beauty-obsessed maniacs, who shop -- online and in real life -- 'til we pretty much drop. Here in New York City -- what some perceive to be the fashion capital of the world -- it seems like everywhere I go, every corner I turn, some girl or guy is holding a shopping bag while killing it in some fancy new duds. And forget about trying to pop in to H&M after work, the store is always slammed. Seems like there's not a single moment when people aren't shopping here.

So, it's shocking that my fair, image-conscious city did not make the "Top 10 Shopaholic Cities in the U.S." list. But what's even more shocking is the city that's number one!


After collecting data from the 100 most populous cities and tracking spending for a full year, Bundle recently discovered that Washington, D.C. is not just our nation's capital, but our nation's shopping capital. According to the survey, the average American spends $142.08 a month on clothes, shoes, etc., while the average D.C. resident spends $263 a month. Who knew?

Here's the rest of the list:

2. Arlington, Va.: $254.58

3. Nashville, Tenn.: $251.17

4. Scottsdale, Ariz.: $243.17

5. Dallas, Texas: $228.58

6. San Francisco, Calif.: $227.42

7. San Jose, Calif.: $221.17

8. Seattle, Wash.: $221.17

9. Austin, Texas: $213

10. Bakersfield, Calif.: $201.50

The thing that stands out about all of these cities is, well, they've all got some cash. While I was initially surprised that neither New York nor Los Angeles made the list, I soon realized that these numbers are averages -- and both NYC and LA have plenty of low-income households to balance out the higher-earning ones. That said, though, I'm glad neither city earned a spot, 'cause it's about time some other cities got wraps for being self-absorbed and style-obsessed.

I've lived in both places, and I can firmly attest to the fact that: They are style/image/everything superficial-obsessed. But, when I think about it, so is everywhere else I go. I think New York and Los Angeles just take the most heat because A) they have the most outrageous characters living there, and B) they have the most outrageous style. Not to pigeon-hole any cities here, but chances are you're not going to see the same kind of clothes in New York that you will in Scottsdale, Arizona. It's a different kind of shopping culture.

That said, I'm not sure if it's really comforting to know that pretty much all of the United States is filled with shopaholics. Particularly D.C. I mean, isn't that the city that's supposed to be getting us out of the deficit? Dang.

Did your city make the list? Are you surprised at the list?

Image via perry_marco/Flickr

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