Wispies From Walmart: A Makeup Artist Secret!

WalmartThe ladies from Salon NFuse here in Nashville have been working with me on hair and makeup how-to posts for you all, and when I stopped in last week I couldn't help but notice stylist Ellen's amazing lashes.

"They look flawless," I told her. I knew they weren't real, but yet they didn't look "fake" either.

"I actually got them at Walmart," she told me. "They're called 'Demi Wispies.'"

Now this was a shock. Makeup artists have access to high-priced lashes from brands like M.A.C. and Laura Mercier. But Ellen's Walmart lashes looked every bit as glam as their high-priced counterparts.

See them on her for yourself after the jump!


WalmartHere, you can see how she applied them right at the lashline.


WalmartAnd here they are in all their Wispy glory!

I love false lashes, but I've always opted for singles at the outer corners of my lashline -- I was afraid that the full lash strips would look too obvious.

I even wrote a photo tutorial on how to do the individual lashes yourself.

Ellen's Wispies, though, have me rethinking my faux lash theory. Now, I'm dying to try these Wispies on my next date night.

Will you?


Top image via Walmart

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