Levi's Pushes Dirty Jeans to Save the Environment

levi's wash jeansIf you've ever ran through a rainstorm without boots but with a heavy pair of denim jeans, you know how much water those pants can soak up. Apparently Levi's does too, and they're getting environmentally conscious about how they "wash" their stone wash jeans. They're taking out the wash part, and just using stones on dry denim. (Side note: Why not just stop trying to revive the stone wash trend? It's still ugly, 20+ years later.)

But Levi's isn't content to stop there with their eco-friendly ways. Now they're telling you, the Levi's consumer, to stop washing your jeans so much, as someone freaked out when they saw that one pair of Levi's uses 919 gallons of water during its life cycle. Whoa. That's a serious amount of jean washing.

People, stop washing your jeans so much! Be dirty like me.


Maybe it's the dark colors or just the thickness of the material, but I never feel the need to wash my jeans after every wear. In fact, I'm on my third day of dirty jeans right now. Unless I spill something disgusting or participate in a group sport in these babies, they're not headed to the washing machine. And now Levi's tells us if we put our jeans in the freezer, that will kill germs. Tada! I think that'll buy me at least one more week in these comfortable denims.

Of course Levi's has good reason to advocate the no-wash lifestyle. The very cotton crop they depend on for their 501s could be wiped out by a water shortage. Conservation is key to their survival, so much so they're putting tags inside their jeans asking consumers to skip the wash. This is a far cry from the 1980s when everyone washed their Levi's at least 10 times before daring to wear them in public. But as someone who already lets my denim "air clean," I'm all for it. Now I don't have to feel bad about my aversion to laundry. I'm helping the environment, dang it!

Do you think it's gross to not wash your jeans?


Image via vvvracer/Flickr

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