My Big Jewelry Secret, Exposed

Beloise JewelryI have a good friend who always wears the most beautiful, unique jewelry, which I notice every time I see her.

It turns out that her sister, Frances, makes the jewelry and sells it in boutiques across the South. I told my friend that if her sister ever began selling the jewelry online, I would love to write about it for this blog.

Well, my long wait has finally come to an end.

Beloise Jewelry is now available on the Internet and I'm loving it. Here's why:

  1. It's unique -- chances are, no one else will have what you're wearing, and Frances will even work with you to make it truly one-of-a-kind.
  2. All of the stones are real, semi-precious stones.
  3. Because the stones are real, this is the kind of jewelry I love to give -- or receive -- as a gift. The prices are surprisingly affordable. This Pearl and Crown Necklace, for example, is $70.

Want to see more of my favorite Beloise pieces? I'll show them to you after the jump!





Beloise JewelryFrances makes a number of similar necklaces, like this Gold Cross Necklace (Beloise Jewelry, $70). Her sister likes to layer them and wear them two at a time, which looks fabulous.


Beloise JewelryBut this Black Spinel Lariat (Beloise Jewelry, $150) may be my favorite necklace I've ever owned. I can wear it with just about anything because I can change it around to suit the neckline of my top.


Beloise JewelrySee what I mean?


Beloise JewelryThis is how I'm wearing it today, with a V-neck sweater. LOVE THIS NECKLACE. (And it also comes in pearl. Hubs, I hope you're reading this.)


Beloise JewelryI also have this Snake Mesh Bracelet (Beloise, $40), which I wear almost every day. Unlike many of my other bracelets, it is so light and airy that I don't even notice it on my wrist. And? It's TOTALLY COOL.


Beloise JewelryFrances says these Bolo Leather Bracelets (Beloise Jewelry, $30) are some of her biggest sellers. They come in tan, brown, and black and the clasp is magnetic. Neat, huh?

Frances has lots of other jewelry to choose from -- check it out here. And be sure to send a link to your SO or DH. The holidays are right around the corner ...

Disclosure: Frances sent me a few pieces from Beloise to check out for myself, but I was already a fan and have been eagerly awaiting her online debut!

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