Courtney Stodden Without Makeup Is a Painful Sight

Courtney StoddenLots of pictures of Courtney Stodden without makeup have been surfacing lately. One slideshow featured the child bride in some amateur modeling shots with her sisters, pre-Doug Hutchison and pre-plastic surgery days. While the modeling photos are still disturbing in that they show how sexualized she was from a very early age, Stodden still looks like a young teenage girl and a quite pretty one at that, without those puffy lips and boobstrocitys. The latest pap snap shows the teenager coming out of Starbucks in what is basically her underwear -- black spandex hot pants and black sports bra -- and not a stitch of makeup. And the result is nothing short of shocking.


I realize it's hard to focus on her face with those boobs busting out all over your range of vision and all, but she looks so YOUNG! It's more painful to look at her without all her war paint because it just drives home how truly out of place she is putting on public peep shows in her Fredericks of Hollywood outfits with her dirty old man husband in every public place under the sun.

No matter if you are a Courtney fan or not, there's no denying this girl is a natural beauty. She has gorgeous skin -- I hope she stops baking in the sun for its sake -- lovely eyes, natural eyebrows, and really great bone structure. She's a really nice looking kid! Emphasis on KID!

Most people, especially celebrities (I question my use of that word in Stodden's case), look better with less or no makeup. When the tabloids feature those "Stars Without Makeup" posts meant to evoke horror and self-satisfaction, I actually click through them puzzled and think, really? Even Lady Gaga and her naked face looked more gorgeous than I've ever seen her on Harper's Bazaar. The only ones who almost never look better in their natural states are the ones that had drastic plastic surgery. Those people will almost never look good, with or without makeup.

Courtney is so far gone from reality and common sense at this point that I can't imagine she could even begin to get this about herself. Alas, wearing too much makeup is the least of her problems right now.

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