Is Reese Witherspoon Guilty of Crime for Illegal Python Purse?


reese witherspoonA photo taken of Reese Witherspoon out and about in L.A. has sparked some discussion. The talented actress and mom of two, once called the "world's sexiest vegetarian" by PETA, was seen carrying a $4,000 Chloe "Paratay" bag. It's not the price tag that has people up in arms, it's the material from which the purse is made: Exotic python. PETA was quick to point out that the snakes are treated terribly during the skinning process, and carrying a bag like that is not only immoral, but illegal. Apparently, you can't import python into California.

While I don't think Reese is going to be arrested by the state troopers anytime soon, I do think she's going to have to answer to the PETA fashion police for her crime against the snakes.

The exotic skins industry is ugly. There have been gruesome exposes on the subject that show how the animals are skinned alive, their writhing bodies tossed aside carelessly as they're left to die slowly and painfully. It's not pretty.

Reese's bag brings to light a lot of the horrors associated with fine, fashionable leathers and skins, but I think only the strictly vegans (like I would assume those in PETA) are allowed to point fingers at her. Many of us, myself included, have leather goods in our closets from shoes to jackets to that terrible pair of pink suede pants we bought at Anthropologie because they were on sale and we were feeling frisky. But it's not like that leather came from a farm in upstate New York where the cows were grass-fed and then died of natural causes.

Most leather in the U.S. is imported from China and India where conditions for the cattle are abysmal. I won't get into the details, but they're gruesome. A lot of us, again, myself included, don't think too long and hard about where our leather comes from, so PETA making an example out of Ms. Witherspoon's bag might encourage a few of us to look in our own closets and take note. Even though I don't really agree with the way that PETA's run or organized, I think many, if not all, animal rights group would agree that an exotic skin bag is perhaps a bit egregious.

Do you wear leather? Would you carry a python bag?


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dilly... dillyboysmom

PETA needs to STFU. 

LikeA... LikeAVirgin

Poor poor animals :'( the fashion industry is sad indeed. I don't wear leather, or even pleather. It's just not my favorite look.

Kritika Kritika

@GirlNamedBillie-you need to STFU!

Just kidding. Seriously though, skinning animals for fashion is just awful. At least leather is a meat by product.

nonmember avatar Sunshine

I like Reese, but she needs to adhere to the same set of standards and laws as everyone else. If she commited a crime then she should have the same consequences as the regular Joe."I didn't know any better," is a piss poor excuse. As far as animal cruelty goes, we are all guilty of contributing to the torture and death of animals. Some of us directly-most of us indirectly. Do you eat meat? Do you use cosmetics or household cleaners? Do you own anything made of fur or leather? Do you take medicine? Do you go to road side zoos, carnivals, or circuses? I could go on and on. I don't always agree with PETA's methods, but can you imagine how much worse life would be for animals if there weren't organizations like PETA and ASPCA standing up for their welfare?! @Dillyboysmom-you are entitled to your opinion of PETA but if you remove them from the equation, do you really think the torture of animals (in this case, snakes) is in anyway acceptable?

LoveM... LoveMyViolet

PETA aside, carrying a snake skin bag would creep me out

aneela aneela

i have pleather pants...and things like that....nothing real...and i would not buy the real stuff...even though i like you dont always agree with how PETA is run and what they do...I agree that there is way too much suffering and killing going on to make certain people be fashionable...

jaxmadre jaxmadre

I'm SURE she was just holding it for a friend. Beloved Reesie-poo wouldn't have something that ghastly. Faux perhaps? There must be a logical explanation.

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

It is not illegal to have a python bag in California. It is illegal to IMPORT them into California.

The only way you can get in trouble is if you are caught in the act of receiving the python.

Just owning it isn't a crime. Who's to say she even got it in California?

I don't think twice about where things come from. It's already here, and I can't help how it got to be.

The world is an eff'ed up place. Not buying a purse or a pair of shoes isn't going to change anything.

nonmember avatar Sunshine

@LucretiaMcEvil, you are mistaken if you believe that your purchases don't make an impact. Keep telling that little lie to yourself if it makes you feel better, but its not true. Your consumerism drives demand. And if you purchase things things that have resulted in the torture or death of animals then you are RESPONSIBLE,regardless of how it got there.

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