Kristen Stewart Wears a Hot Fall Trend: The Varsity Jacket

Kristen StewartEveryone's talking about these Kristen Stewart photos because of her mysterious hand injury -- but all I'm really noticing is her ultra-trendy varsity jacket!

Varsity jackets were all the rage on the fall runways.

But I can't really get behind this particular trend. I mean, I remember how cool it was to wear a boyfriend's varsity jacket in high school -- and then I remember secretly feeling sorry for the poor former jocks who wore their varsity jackets in college, hoping I guess that everyone would know how important they used to be. IN HIGH SCHOOL.

But maybe you don't care about all that. Well, my friend, there is a varsity jacket out there with your name on it (if you're willing to take it in for embroidering, anyway), whether you want to spend $25 or $1,500!

Where do I find myself one of these varsity jackets, you may ask?

I've got answers after the jump!



The Outnet

Bargain hunters, rejoice! This Balmain varsity jacket (The Outnet, $1,554) is available at 80 percent off its original price of $7,770! HOW CAN YOU RESIST THIS AMAZING DEAL?


Forever 21Or you could opt instead for this slightly lower-priced Varsity Jacket (Forever 21, $29.80). It's your call.


ZapposThen there's this mid-range Gabrielle Rocha Varsity Jacket (Zappos, $89), which is kinda cute.


Forever 21And I'm actually liking the look of this french terry varsity jacket (Forever 21, $24.80). It would work great over my gym clothes.

Will you pull out your old varsity jacket and wear it this fall? (My husband still has his from high school! Hmmmmm ...)


Images (top to bottom): Splash News, The Outnet, Forever 21, Zappos, Forever 21

celeb style, fall/winter 2011, shopping


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daerc... daerca574

maybe for my high schooler, but i am so over those days!!

elasmimi elasmimi

I didn't get to wear one in high school. Not gonna start now as a great grandmother.

nonmember avatar Gertie

I'll pass.

tinyp... tinypossum

Nope, I'll pass on this one. I try to avoid trendy stuff. I'd rather spend money on stuff I can wear for a long time. 

jagam... jagamama0710

Not really my thing but I do like the last one to wear to the gym, like you said. :) 

ceciliam ceciliam

Nah, not my thing.

Elizabeth Pattison

I like the last one, but not going to wear them in public.

aneela aneela

some are nice

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