Cosmetic Procedure That Turns Brown Eyes Blue Sounds Icky

eyeballThere's a doctor in Laguna Beach, California who's done the impossible. After 10 years of research and testing, he's developed a laser technique that will safely turn brown eyes blue. So if you're tired of being a brown-eyed girl (or boy), Dr. Gregg Homer can make you a blue-eyed beauty in 20 seconds. Fast, huh? Kind of leaves you no chance to change your mind once you're in there.

You have a year and a half to mull it over, though, and decide whether or not you want to make the permanent change because the procedure won't be ready for another 18 months.


Doc says that he's already gotten thousands of emails from people eager to go from brown to blue -- guess a lot of people don't mind paying the $5,000 fee for a cosmetic procedure. But, huh. If you think about it, I guess it's not really that surprising.

The plastic surgery industry is almost a two billion-dollar yearly business in the US alone, so should we be shocked that there are people already lining up to change the color of their eye pigment? At first I was all, Gasp! What has the world come to?! but after a while, I realized it's no different than getting a nose job, or a boob job, or hair plugs.

But I don't know, there's still something more "icky" about this than other procedures. Maybe it's because the eyes are so personal. Altering the windows to your soul just doesn't sit right with me. But no matter, Dr. Homer and his patients will be very happy, I'm sure, with their new eyeballs.

I mean, we alter our appearances all the time to try and improve on what we were born with, so hey, if brown-eyers want to become blue-eyers, who am I to judge. More power to Dr. Homer who created this technology. He's made himself a nice little niche market in the cosmetic surgery world that will likely prove to be very profitable.

You know, you didn't hear this here, but if you wanna make the switch on the cheap, I'm sure you could drop a drip or two of Latisse in your eyes. Pigment color change is a side effect of that eyelash grower. So blue-eyed people, you can go brown for about $100. Score.

Would you want to change your eye color if you could?


Photo via Look Into My Eyes/Flickr

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