Michelle Williams Wears Her Hair Short for Heath Ledger


michelle williamsThere comes a time in every woman's life when she winds up asking herself the one fateful question she never thought she'd ask: Should I cut my hair? Be it because the lead in the film she just saw was sporting a cute, cropped 'do, or because she's simply in the mood for a change, at some point or another, even the most devout of long hair fans come face-to-face with this quandary.

Some women just talk about it. They can only go as far as cutting an extra inch off when they're at the salon. Some are more adventurous and go for a bob, or a lob (long bob). And still some brave souls go balls to the wall and cut a full-blown pixie. Like Michelle Williams.

If you're one of these daring women -- I tip my longish hair to you. I'd feel naked with my locks that short. But did you know -- or care -- that, according to Michelle, "Straight men across the board are not into this hair"?

Not exactly breakthrough news. The beauty ideal that's been forced down all of our throats does not feature a Peter Pan/Sandy Duncan-esque hairdo. It features long, shiny, flowing locks that bounce when we walk. Think Kate Middleton. Except typically blonde.

Also, let's be honest, women look more feminine, by society's standards, with long hair. By no means am I saying that Michelle Williams -- or anyone with short hair -- looks manly (the woman would look gorgeous and girly as hell with a bright green mohawk). I'm saying think of all the princesses we grew up watching. They all had long hair. And the effect of that wasn't just instilling that "long hair is pretty" in little girls, it was instilled in boys, too. Hence, their penchant for grown-out tresses.

Michelle's reasoning for keeping her hair short is a poignant one, though. One that really has nothing to do with eschewing beauty ideals or even liking the way it looks. She's keeping it because her late partner, Heath Ledger, loved her with short hair. It's a memorial to who she calls "the one straight man who has ever liked short hair." I think that's pretty fantastic. Except I'm going to have to disagree that Heath is the one straight man who has ever liked short hair.

My husband likes it. He's given up now, but there was a period when he wouldn't stop pushing "the pixie" on me. I thought it was awesome that he wasn't into what "typical dudes" are into, but I would never do it. Sorry, honey. Maybe it's partially because I, too, have bought into the beauty ideal, but mainly I think it's because I just feel comfortable with long hair. It's kind of like a safety blanket of sorts -- like my glasses when I wear them. I feel like I can hide if I want.

Then again, maybe if I had Michelle Williams' face, I'd feel differently.

Have you ever chopped your hair?


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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

The shortest my hair has ever been was a bob just below my ears and that wasn't strictly speaking a choice. When I was in college one of my 'friends' decided that instead of razoring in a few layers as she promised she gave me The Rachel. It looked ridiculous and drove me nuts so I wound up getting the longer layers snipped off. Actually, that's a lie because I had it that short a second time which was a choice. I was donating my hair and by cutting it that short I was able to donate 17". I haven't grown it that long again, now I just donate 10" at a time and I leave it a bit longer so I go from most of the way down to my waist and then I cut it shoulder length.

Alicia Lili Mauer

Trust me, Heath Ledger is not the only straight man to like short hair. Both my boys love mine and it's shorter than hers. 

reiki... reikiharmony

That statement sounds unbelievable. She just lost cool points in my eyes....alot of them. Is she saying that to use his name? If she'd simply said, "Heath preferred my hair short and it's hurtful to accept the change and grow it...." hmmmm....maybe, but "because he's the only straight man that liked short hair." Lame.

allie... alliesmom112

I go through phases when I will chop off all my hair.

Badge83 Badge83

Only once when I went into the academy, and I didn't want to be bothered tying it back into a bun every day. As long as it didn't hit my collar, it was good. Call it lazy, but it was one less thing to worry about, hahaha.

jessi... jessicasmom1

My hair is about the cut she has I think it is super cute , easy cut and I like it.

Bmat Bmat

Yes I have. and my aunt used to say once you go short you'll never go long again, and it's been this way for me.

elasmimi elasmimi

I have not worn long hair since my 20's

daerc... daerca574

I used to wear my hair super short all the time

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