Michelle Obama Halloween Dress Was Killer, Even if It Was a Knockoff

michelle obama dressI have a bit of a style crush on Michelle Obama. I think it's because I love the fact that she's such a huge bargain shopper. Talk about living the American way! No surprise to me, the First Lady attended the annual White House Halloween party Saturday wearing a killer dress. The catch? It was a Diane von Furstenberg knockoff

Oh. Em. Gee. Stop everything!

... or not. Let me check here, are you still breathing? Good. I'm feeling fine. In fact, I'm feeling envious over how gorgeous this dress is. Can you guess which photo is the original and which one is the knockoff?


If you guessed that the "fake" is the dress on the left, you did well. In fact, you're pretty clued in with the times considering the bright orange and black stripe sort of fits the creepy/spooky Halloween vibe better.

This is my ish: Yes, the two dresses look alike. Yes, they both use metallics. But can you 100 percent trademark a diagonal stripe dress? No. If I had a dollar for however many times I've seen the same looking little black dress in one store versus another, I'd be loaded. As a bargain hunter extraordinaire myself, I'd actually be a little perturbed with Michelle if she bought the original. In my eyes, spending $498 on one dress is a bit steep! The knockoff only costs a cool $72.

I bet ya the First Lady had no idea it was a copy. The woman's got a killer eye for fashion, and with her busy schedule, I wouldn't be surprised if this were something she saw online, liked, and snagged for the Halloween event.

Of course, I understand the importance of stimulating the American economy, and ASOS, the "knockoff" brand, is an online site based in the U.K. But let's be real: Michelle's extra $400 isn't going to make a major difference. And as with any garment the First Lady wears in front of the camera, both versions of the dress are sure to sell out soon -- even if she didn't opt for the American designer in the first place.

Even better: To von Furstenberg's advantage, her original is more appropriate for the upcoming holidays, with the deep red instead of the orange. Women will want that look no matter what color the stripes. And when it all comes down to it, many really won't care how much it costs. 

Which dress do you like better? Are you a bargain hunter like the First Lady?


Images via ASOS, DVF

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