Jessica Simpson Says Her Weight Has Helped Her Career


jessica simpsonBefore we knew knew that Jessica Simpson was pregnant, there were tons of rumors about her weight gain. The star has been up and down over the years, going from super skinny in her 2005 video for "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" to a fuller figure in her "mom jeans" in 2009, and when Jess sat down with Lucky magazine back in September, she talked about what gaining a few has done for her career.

She didn't admit she was pregnant during the chat, though, and still insisted that any extra padding she had along her middle was not a growing baby bump. Even though she was hiding the real reason behind her expanding curves, it's still interesting to hear that Jess thinks her decision to not stay rail-thin has helped her career. In a big way.

Lest you still think Jessica is a washed-up pop star who's only famous for not knowing the difference between fish and chicken, let me remind you that she's got a fashion empire. And "empire" is 100 percent the right word. At 31, Jess has built an apparel, accessories, and footwear business that's worth over $700 million. She stays active in the design process and has an eye for what women want.

And Jess told Lucky that her weight may have something to do with her extraordinary success:

I got so much scrutiny for putting on extra pounds, but I think that the decision not to make myself anorexic was actually great for branding. Because when you're really, really skinny, not everybody can relate to you.

Is that her business secret? It might be. There are tons of celeb clothing lines out there that don't do one tenth of her numbers. Lindsay Lohan's got a line; Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie, and Miley Cyrus all do, too. Maybe Jess is right -- maybe her curves made her more relatable. That combined with great products might have been what separated her from the pack of thin, purposefully fashionable stars who've also ventured into the same game.

Whether it's a little weight gain here or there or an exercise in brand management, Jess seems like she's in a great spot right now. Business is booming and she's having a little baby this spring. Congrats!

Do you think Jessica Simpson's relatability is what's made her a successful fashion designer?


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momka... momkaribg

I'm not sure but, its nice to see someone that aint horribly thin.


Well good for her. As much as she is portrayed as an airhead, I think she is funny and I bet I would like her in person. :)

allie... alliesmom112

I think it definitely doesn't hurt her. I like that she is more like everyday women instead of super skinny

daerc... daerca574

she's just keeping it REAL for the rest of us!

jessi... jessicasmom1

She is more like us thank Goodness

KamiB79 KamiB79

Just shows that she is normal like the rest of us!

Jeric... Jerichos_Mommy

Yes it is hard for me as a curvey woman to take   fashion advice from  an anorexic carpenter's dream girl.

iam4you2 iam4you2

I think her figure is a nice figure! 

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