Hot Jeweled Headbands From $595 to $2.99!

Nina RicciOne accessory everyone's talking about lately is Nina Ricci's gorgeous jeweled headbands.

Seen on the models in Nina Ricci's Winter 2011 runway show, they gave the models an air of ethereal beauty, and caught the attention of fashion editors and stylists, getting featured in the pages of Harper's Bazaar and on Rachel Zoe's website, The Zoe Report.

Unfortunately, these headbands aren't very accessible to the average woman -- getting your hands on one will run you $595!

But there's good news -- you can get this look for far, far (FAR) less.

Want to see some equally lovely jeweled headbands at a teensy, tinsy fraction of the price?

Read on!


Nina Ricci

First, another look at the Nina Ricci original. *sigh*

But if you want to save your $595 for ... I don't know ... YOUR MORTGAGE PAYMENT, I've got options!


ZapposFirst, there's this Jane Tran jeweled headband (Zappos, $80), which is equally lovely and a lot less money!


ModClothOr you could opt for this String of Sparklers Headband (ModCloth, $19.99), for even less money!


Charlotte RusseBut if you REALLY want to save, opt for this pretty jeweled headband (Charlotte Russe, $2.99 on sale), available in clear and black. I just might get both!

If you're feeling particularly crafty, you can even make your own jeweled headband. I love the look!

How about you?


Images (top to bottom): Nina Ricci, Nina Ricci, Zappos, ModCloth, Charlotte Russe

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