Justin Bieber Thinks He Knows What Women Want

justin bieber and jay lenoThat Justin Bieber says some of the darnedest things sometimes. Sure, he may be a cutie (if you're a pre-teen and into that too-long faux hawk look), but when it comes to being a beauty product salesman, not so much. The 17-year-old charmer visited The Tonight Show and spoke to Jay Leno about his fragrance, Someday. And what he said made him sound totally clueless.

"What I was thinking [when I made this perfume] is like, girls are gonna like something that a guy is gonna like. I modeled it off of something that I would like a girl to smell like. They're gonna wanna smell like what guys want them to smell like, right?"

Sorry Justin, no dice. If Bieber truly believes that women want to smell how men WANT them to smell, he's got another thing coming. Doesn't he know we have our own opinions?


Not to state the obvious, but men and women are very different. I can only imagine what guys would ask girls to smell like if they had a say in the matter. I think of a lot of the guys I know and the things they "like," and can't help but laugh uncontrollably. My boyfriend, for instance, once told me he loves the smell of nail polish remover and gasoline. I also happen to know he couldn't resist a large cheese pizza if he tried. So does that mean he wants me to smell like intoxicating fumes and mozzarella cheese? Okay, maybe not.

While we're at it, I'm guessing that Bieber knows as much about women's scents as I do about men's. I couldn't tell you the difference between a sniff of men's Axe deodorant or a spritz of Calvin Klein cologne. To me, it all has the same sort of whiff. I would never tell my guy what to wear. Personally, I'm just glad he's wearing something.

Note to Mr. Bieber: I want to smell like something I like, not something my man likes. I'm the one who has to breathe in the scent 24/7, right? And just because Bieber's face is on the bottle doesn't mean I'd change my tune. Perhaps if I had Bieber fever, however, things would be different.

Watch the interview with Leno here:

What do you think of Justin Bieber's take on women's perfume?

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