Kim Kardashian Divorce Inspires Vigil Outside Dash

BuzzfeedAmericans are devastated by news of the Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries split, and some took to the streets to assuage their grief in the only way they knew how -- by holding a vigil outside the Kardashian sisters' clothing store, Dash.

You have GOT to see these photos!


Buzzfeed featured a series of photos from the vigil that had me laughing out loud. Here are just a few:






You can see them in their entirety here -- and trust me, it's worth the click!

Are you laughing out loud like I was?

I'd love to know who was behind this vigil -- it was truly awesome. I particularly liked the signs that said, "Why?" and "We'll always have LA." The flowers and candles were a nice touch, as well.

Who needs Occupy Wall Street when you can protest Kim's divorce instead?

According to Buzzfeed, the vigil was organized via an ad on Craigslist. I'm impressed that so many people showed up! It didn't last long, though, before the cops came and busted it up.


Have you wept yet about Kim's divorce news? Are you holding your own private vigil at home?


Image via Buzzfeed

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