Kim Kardashian Wedding Dress Knockoff Is Cursed

kim kardashianIt was inevitable that it would happen. David's Bridal partnered with Vera Wang to sell an affordable version of Kim Kardashian's fairytale wedding dress. Because that's what purveyors of wedding dresses do, right? They sell knockoffs of super fancy, super famous dresses. And usually, I'd imagine, it's great for business. I mean, everyone wants to look like a celebrity, no? But in this particular case -- a case where the divorce actually came before the release of the dress -- I'm not so sure it's going to work that way.

And, really, it shouldn't.


Without getting into why one shouldn't buy a replica of Kim Kardashian's wedding dress (I think that's fairly obvious), I'm going to cast a wider net on why one shouldn't buy a replica of any celebrity's wedding dress period: Celebrity marriages do not last. Most last longer than 72 days, but still -- stars typically aren't in it for the long haul.

When one buys a knockoff of a famous woman's wedding gown, they aren't just saying, "I really like the style of this dress"; they're saying, "I really like this celebrity and I wouldn't mind my wedding being similar to hers." Think about it: If you hated Kim Kardashian, would you ever purchase a dress that was modeled after hers? Or if you didn't have royal wedding fever, would you ever run out and buy a copy of Kate Middleton's dress? Getting ideas from celebrities on the style of dress you'd like to wear is one thing; buying a full-blown duplicate is another.

Perhaps the divorce of Kim and Kris will show wedding dress designers and sellers that maybe it's not the smartest business decision to jump on a remake of a star's bridal attire. At least wait a year or two to see if they make it that long.

Would you buy a replica of Kim's dress?


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