Nail Polish for Men Is Totally Disturbing

nail polish for menIt's been a banner day for Ryan Seacrest. First Kim Kardashian files for divorce, and now there's a line of nail polish specifically marketed to men. He must be freaking out! I feel like he's the kind of guy who would get manicures and pedicures -- Seacrest always looks fly. So maybe he'd be into nail polish by EvolutionMan. Mmmhmm, that's what it's called. Slap the word "man" on the end of any product, put it in steel gray packaging, and the mens will just buy it up, thinking all the while how manly they are.

Psych. There is not one man I know who would buy this absurd, absurd product.


I think any guy who gets his nails did doesn't mind the color selection at his local salon. The EvolutionMan colors aren't new even. They're white, clear, gray, and dark purple. Those exist already. Just because they now come in a "manly" bottle with the word "man" on it doesn't make them special.

It makes them stupid. I like a guy with clean nails, but I don't think I'd prefer that he paint them Metallic Eggplant, or whatever. And let's be real, I don't really see this taking off with the business crowd. Sure there are guys who paint their nails but generally speaking, they're the Justin Bobby type who work in a creative field where dressing outside of the box is encouraged. I don't see many financial planners with gray nail polish on. Besides, the whole metro look is soooo 1997.

So not only is EvolutionMan targeting men, they're targeting a very specific man who may or may not exist outside of New York and Los Angeles. Yeah, to say this product is going to tank is kind of an understatement. There's only so many bottles that Seacrest can buy. He's not enough to keep the company afloat.

Do you like the idea?


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