Designer Bandages Let You Heal in Style

Designer BandagesIt's hard to stay stylish when you've got a boo boo that needs a Band-Aid -- at least until now.

SugoiLife has these "brandages bandages" up for sale on its website right now.

For just $7.95, you can cover your scrapes with the likes of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry -- and while you may think this kind of thing is a little unnecessary, the photo after the jump will undoubtedly change your mind.


You see, I visited the dermatologist several years ago to check out a mysterious bump on my shoulder. While I was there, the doctor offered to take a small bump off my nose. I, of course, accepted -- but when I got home, I realized that only one type of bandage in my medicine cabinet would cover the spot. Therefore, I looked like this:

Princess Band-Aid

Oh, the humiliation.

If only I'd had BRANDAGES!

Sure, the Chanel logo would possibly be even more noticeable, but at least people would know that I HAD TASTE. I mean, how many women go around with The Little Mermaid on their noses?

Cynthia RowleyIf designer logos aren't your thing, these Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids are also super cute, and they're just $5.

So now you have no reason to suffer in style-less-ness the next time you need a bandage.

Would you buy designer Band-Aids?


Images (top to bottom): SugoiLife, Me, Cynthia Rowley

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