The Hottest Jeans of the Season: Get the Look for (WAY) Less!

Singer22If there's a pair of jeans to have this season, it's Current/Elliott's Leopard Stiletto skinny jeans, which retail for $198 at stores like

You would not believe the number of celebrities who've been spotted in these jeans. (Spotted. Get it? Heh.)

Here are just a few of the celebs who own a pair: Sarah Jessica Parker, Katie Holmes, Emily Blunt, Mandy Moore, Heidi Klum, Nicky Hilton and Isla Fisher.

I love these jeans because they give you the leopard print look without being in-your-face about it.

Also? They go with just about everything!

There's only one problem: $198 is a lot of money to spend on a pair of jeans.

The good news is that I've found an identical pair for a fifth of the price!

Click through to find out where to get them.



These Spoon Jeans (Macy's, $34.99 on sale) are totally affordable, giving you the hottest celebrity look of the season for far, FAR less.


$34.99 is a far better price to pay for a look that will be here today, gone tomorrow, don't you think?

Would you wear these leopard-print pants, or will you pass this look up?


Images via and Macy's

celeb style, fall/winter 2011


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sweet... sweetcherry_59

I wait...I NEED those pants. I am in love. Those are seriously hot!

Nancy... NancyJ422

Well if I was tall and thin or hey! Just thin, I'd totally want those pants. They're cute but I'll have to pass.

mommix4 mommix4

Ill pass I don't like them

nonmember avatar Crimson Wife

I would if I were 5 years younger, but I'm 34 and no offense to SJP, but this is a look for one's twenties.

pooki... pookiewookie

I've worn those pants for 3 years now. I have them in turquoise and also purple. I bought them on clearance at Walmart for 5 dollars! People give me flack everytime I wear them, but they fit very well because of the spandex. They are not new! Miley Cyrus had them out years ago.

thing... thingz123

Don't do skinnies. More power to those that can and do.

Alexandra Rosas

These pants are old.


I've had mine over 15 years.


They still fit great, and haven't faded.


But..these, I bought for dirt cheap, at WalMart.

Eques... EquestrianMom

I'm 25, I'm skinny, and you couldn't pay me to wear leapord print pants! Do they come in solids?

laurenb1 laurenb1

I'm 24 and very tiny( so tiny that I own size 16 slim abercrombie kids jeans and they fit) but I hate those jeans.. I like solid

Carenann Carenann

I think they are super cute. I am 41 and would totally wear these. It's all about what you pair them up with to make them age appropriate. I think it's sad that someone would say these can't be worn by women in their 30s... many clothes have expiration dates, I don't see it for these.

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