The Hottest Jeans of the Season: Get the Look for (WAY) Less!

Singer22If there's a pair of jeans to have this season, it's Current/Elliott's Leopard Stiletto skinny jeans, which retail for $198 at stores like

You would not believe the number of celebrities who've been spotted in these jeans. (Spotted. Get it? Heh.)

Here are just a few of the celebs who own a pair: Sarah Jessica Parker, Katie Holmes, Emily Blunt, Mandy Moore, Heidi Klum, Nicky Hilton and Isla Fisher.

I love these jeans because they give you the leopard print look without being in-your-face about it.

Also? They go with just about everything!

There's only one problem: $198 is a lot of money to spend on a pair of jeans.

The good news is that I've found an identical pair for a fifth of the price!

Click through to find out where to get them.




These Spoon Jeans (Macy's, $34.99 on sale) are totally affordable, giving you the hottest celebrity look of the season for far, FAR less.


$34.99 is a far better price to pay for a look that will be here today, gone tomorrow, don't you think?

Would you wear these leopard-print pants, or will you pass this look up?


Images via and Macy's

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