Should Britney Put Away the Skimpy Stage Gear?

Britney SpearsChristina Aguilera inspired a flurry of negative comments when the no-longer-svelte popstar squeezed into a corset and fishnets for a recent performance.

Now, Britney Spears is getting the same backlash over her bloated appearance on her world tour. Neither singer is technically 'fat,' but should they still be performing in the kinds of costumes they wore before they had kids?


I'm thinking no.

Britney and Christina aren't so different from the rest of us moms, when you think about it. Sure, there are (a very few) women who are naturally able to sport a bikini after having six kids -- and others put in hours a day at the gym to make that dream a reality. The vast majority of us, though, dress at least a little bit differently post-child than we did before.

Most of you would agree, I think, that there's a post-child problem area of your body -- something you camouflage now when choosing what you're going to wear. Admitting this isn't a failure, it's called making the most of your assets.

Is it too much to expect aging pop stars to do the same?

Britney and Christina could have avoided a lot of criticism simply by choosing different costumes -- costumes that emphasized their new and improved cleavage, perhaps, rather than their bellies and thighs.

I'd say both ladies need new costume designers, pronto -- designers who can take cues from Marilyn Monroe, for example, when designing the singers' sexy stage gear, rather than attempting to stuff them into the kinds of costumes they wore as teenagers.

What about you?


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