Jessica Biel Looks Stunning in Buzz-Worthy Puffy Sleeve Dress

jessica bielYou might think I'm crazy, but I happen to love Love LOVE the Giambattista Valli dress Jessica Biel wore to the Fashion Group International Night of the Stars fete in New York City last night. My love affair with an exaggerated, over-the-top puff sleeve is not something I readily admit, but when one of my favorite celebs absolutely rocks it on the red carpet, I have to defend her. Jessica looks regal, fashionable, and beautifully eye-catching.

I realize I'm in the minority here; a poll on Us Weekly's site shows that 83 percent of people hate her look, but I can't help myself. I think my obsession with an over-sized, embellished arm started when I was a wee one watching Golden Girls. I couldn't take mine eyes off the coolest woman I'd ever seen on TV: One Ms. Dorothy Zbornak.


I thought she was so funny! As a result, I guess I just became enamoured with her in general, and yada yada yada, I love anything that makes the shoulders look bigger. She wore so many pads under her tropical print dresses, she could've sustained a hit from Ray Lewis. And so if Dorothy thought it was cool to dress like that, I think it's cool to dress like that.

That's the only explanation I have for simply dying for Jessica Biel's dress. I want it for my wedding dress. I want to dance around in it in front of a full-length mirror and twirl around like a goddamn princess.

Hopefully there are people like me out there that think she looks phenomenal too, because otherwise, girl's about to get skewered. I guess the only thing that matters is that she liked the dress and felt good in it. Do you think Justin Timberlake approved of the dress? I hear they're on again ... wonder if he likes a Zbornak derivative as much as I do.

Anyway, as Rachel Zoe would say, I DIE for this dress.

What about you? Love it? Hate it?


Photo via Splash News

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